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BB.com/misc Is The Absolute Most Cancerous Thing and Has The Worst Mods Imaginable

A couple of weeks ago I was banned for apparently making a “rape thread” which I absolutely did not. When I went to confront and email the mods I got no reply for two weeks. So for the entire two weeks which was the duration of my ban I was suppose to just idle about wait for it be lifted before I could go on the site again. I even sent an email to the second email address they provided and I also got no reply. So today I was just perma banned again because I respectfully was looking to see which mod banned me and made false accusations towards me. I sent an email and lo and behold the mods just dont like to reply. Absolutely unprofessional and dangerous how some of these people are allowed to turn a site into almost a bureaucracy or dictatorship and anyone can be slandered and disrespected for no reason at all.
Absolute scum of the earth. I always used both T nation and BB.com for information and just chilling with fellow lifters but after today I literally will never step foot into that site again not even to buy supplements. Absolutely despicable how 2 years I was a dedicated user of bb.com and because of one dipshit I get perma banned and slandered.

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To be fair, this can happen all over the internet. Be glad it was on an anonymous message board not connected to your real world life, so the worst thing that happened was your Internet feelings got hurt and you ended up with a better place to hang out and talk training.


Didn’t you already make this thread?

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When a company provides a service I am not happy with, I go somewhere else. It’s a shame they had to force you into the obvious action.


Whatever you posted on BB, post the exact same thing here and lets see how it goes.


I second this motion.

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yeah I feel you … I got banned too for no reason

Bodybuilding.com, though being one of the most profitable bodybuilding sites on the net, has drawn many sad, angry, and disturbed people to its misc forum. Elliot Rodgers posted there, and so did some poor soul who committed suicide for all to see on the forum. I’ve been on there only a few times to browse some topics, and I do agree with what you say about it.

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I browse the misc mostly for giggles and never post on it. I remember the thread about the person committing suicide, people where encouraging it eventually they took the thread down, but it was very very very dark and disturbing.

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BB.com is the only board I’ve been banned on out of the literal dozens I’m on, all under the same handle. They turned to real shit after the steroid section was removed after their warehouse raid back in 09 I think it was. Now i hear they wanna charge ppl to view their articles…

I’ll occasionally go to the over 35 or equipment forums but just to pass time (the equipment section is pretty mature). I think their rating system and devoted members encourage a “pack mentality” on most of their forums I’ve experienced.

Has anyone heard of fitmisc? that’s even more cancerous, that’s where all the people who are banned from the misc go.

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Oh man I forgot about fitmsc! I just logged on and forgot i was a member there since 2010…the place is like a cemetery. I only know a small handful, if that, if guys from other boards, mainly getbig. Doesn’t seem to have much posting going on