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BB.com Comments on Trey Brewer


I was busy googling some things on Trey Brewer and came across this on Bodybuilding.com

I'm sitting here LMAO at some of the comments made. The thread is from 2007





i agree with the people saying his legs are HUUUUUUUUUUUGE and he needs to fill in the rest of his body or bring them down to have better proportions, it was the same with Yates and his back.


What about it...


Actually, I feel his legs are pretty well proportioned now. He needs to just mature and keep working hard. He'll go pro soon.


Even though he didn't place 1st in nationals, he is still one of my favorite Bodybuilders, seems like a really cool guy, and has some crazy legs.


looks like you could relate pretty well with him :stuck_out_tongue:


the guy is a monster and could end up being the future of bodybuilding


Which comments? I want in on the joke. Seems like an alright thread to me.