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BB Bench or DB Bench

so me and my roommate has this argument yesterday. he argues that the dumbbell bench is better than barbell bench since it requires more balance and stabalization. I having done bench for a long time say that barbell bench is better, but have no idea why. So can anyone tell me the answer?

There’s advantages to each. Dumbbells require more effort in stabilizing them, and are excellent for keeping the sides of your body balanced – whereas a bar allows you to ‘cheat’ one side a little more.

On the flipside, using a barbell generally allows you to press more weight. Bigger weights = more growth.

They’re both fine exercises, and if you really want to grow, switch between them every few weeks to keep your body guessing. What matters more is that you’re do compound movements, and hit them as hard as you can. Everything else is sundry.

Don’t know why people always think it has to be “an either, or” situation. Front squats/back squats, DL/squats/ 1 arm/2 arm. Use them all to your advantage. Like someone said, mix them up for better results.


I have always found that I get better chest development from DB, as opposed to BB. I don’t know if it’s the stabilization, balance, not being able to cheat, better squeeze, whatever…

I still incorporate BB in my routine because as someone pointed out, it is a better power movement and you can press more weight.