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BB Beginner Needs Help with a Routine

First i will explain my situation so you get a better understanding. Second post will contain the program i made.

I want to know whether this prograsm is good, and if i can do anything to improve it.

Well i have been powerlifting for awhile, and in the last month i got my bench to 260lb paused 280lb not paused (mostly to sheiko and form),deadlift to 470lb and squat to 460lb, and i have decided i finally want to plunge into bodybuilding.

The reasoning behind me training powerlifting when i wanted to become a bodybuilder, was that i needed to get stronger to make better gain in hypertrophy, because benching 95lb for reps was not getting me any bigger.

Weak Areas:
Qauds(only right above the knee AKA teardrops)

Strong Areas:
Upper Qauds

Well here are is the progress and stats:

December 07:
16 years old
Bench- 95lb
Deadlift- 225

June 08:
17 Years Old
Bench- 205 (paused) 235 (not paused)
Deadlift- 405lb

September 08:
17 Years Old
Bench- 260lb (paused) 280 (not paused)
Squat- 460lb
Deadlift- 470lb

In the next post i will put up my routine.

Monday (chest and triceps)

Bench Press- 1x3
CG Bench Press- 3x5
Incline DB Press- 5x10
Decline BB Press- 5x8
Rope Pushdowns- 3x10
Weighted Dips- 5x3 (if shoulders are feeling good)
Cable Cross Over- 5xFailure

Tuesday (Quads,Hamstrings,Calves)

Back Squat- 3x3
Front Squat- 5x10
Leg Curls- 3x8
RDL- 5x7
Leg Press-3x20
Donkey Rises- 3xfailure
DC Style Calves

Thursday (Shoulders and Forearms)

Clean and Jerk- 5x3
DB Shoulder Press- 5x5
Raises- 10 side/10 front superset
Roller (forearms)
Hammer (forearms)

Friday (Back and Biceps)

Deadlift- 5x3
DB Rows- 5x10
Pullups- 5x5
T-bar Rows- 5x5
Preacher Curls- 5x10
Standing BB Curls- 5x8 superset with hammer curls
DB Curls- 3xfailure

Saturday (abs and whatever felt weak during the week)
Will depend each weak so its unplanned…


hmmm…i reread your post and have come to the same conclusion… you did not ask a question…so…what do you want?

I want to know whether this prograsm is good, and if i can do anything to improve it.

Your routine looks good, it’s a little bit scatter-brained but that is the kind of thing you fix and improve from following through with the routine and tweaking it based on your own personal results and preferences.

Just do it, and then maybe if this routine is actually giving you any sort of problems then you can ask us and we’ll be able to give a more specific response.

But you obviously devised the routine based on your own knowledge of your body and your training, so go with that.