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BB and DB Training For a Beginner


Is there some sort of routine that only uses barbell and dumbell workouts because i got kicked from my gym and thats the only things i have at home to use for about 3 months.

and not starting strength or stronglifts either.


Why'd you get kicked? Did you set off the lunk alarm??

Anyhow, what's wrong with ss or sl? I believe sl even has a db only version?
Isn't ss what you've been on?

With the money you are now not spending on gym fees, buy a squat stand or power rack, and a bench.

Then you have no reason not to do any program, and you'll never have to worry about getting into another gym again.

Otherwise, there's lots of exercise options-
DB front squat, db bulgarian split squats, zerchers from the floor
deadlifts + all it's wonderful variations.
cleans- press's, db or bb
all the usual rows
floor press's (if you have no bench)
chins from a cheap bar/monkey bars at the local park,
dips on chairs

the list is endless.. and there are plenty of articles here on the site to point you in the right direction.
I'm pretty sure that you could do ws4sb with the equipment that you have. As I already mentioned, sl has a db only version.

I hope this helps.

EDIT- Haha, you're the guy I chased out of combat sports.
It just occured to me.
Nice to see that over time your posts are becomming somewhat more sensible.
Although it really would be nice if you explained why you don't want to do sl or ss. Your current lifting stats and goals would be good too, maybe your previous program?


i have a bench and squat rack forgat to mention and my lifting stats have gown down alot i can only bench 205 now deadlift porbably 300+ and squat like 220 its becasue i got a summer job and it messed up my working out routine i lost close to 11 pounds because i dint eat and it was an outside job and everyday i was sweating all my calories up lol.i dont want to do stronglifts or starting strength because i want to gain some mass before i start going heavy on my lifts.


I've gained 40lbs+ doing SS.
It's a common misconception, that working for strength will see negligable size gains. When it simply isn't true.

Infact, I truly believe that for a beginner, working on strength will see just as significant size gains, because you simply will not be strong enough to lift a sufficiently heavy enough weight in the 8-12 rep range.
That being said, the number one factor in gaining size will be diet, so long as your weight-training is providing enough stimulus. Which SS or SL would most definitely do. Defranco's is the other most popular beginners program at the moment. I believe this includes a repetition upper body day. Perhaps that program will be more suited to your desires.

Having a squat rack and a bench opens up your options, to anything that you would usually do in the gym. The only other equipment that I use in my gym is a chin up bar, and very occasionally the dip bars. As I mentioned before- buy a cheap chin up bar, do dips on chairs. Viola, all the equipment you will ever need.

Let me repeat-
Doing ss, sl, ws4sb or any other beginners program designed for strength, will give you gains in size, providing that you eat enough.

Good luck


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im gonna give Westside For Skinny Bastards a try and i am buying the cheap craiglist pull up/dip bar its only like 100 bucks.


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so you're selling steroids in the locker room, but you are asking for advice with DBs and BBs.....
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im not asking for advice im asking for a good program thats been made by a guy who knows whats his talking about and people actually got good results on them.

on a side note any little skinny kid who dosent know anything about lifting weights could get a hold of some steroids and sell them to gym rats in the locker.