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Hello everyone,

I am a bit new to the forum, but I decided to create a thread to hold myself accountable and to track some progress. I have always been a bit ADD with programming and hopefully publishing will put a halt to that issue.

Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 190
BF: 15%? Not something I particularly care about

Best Lifts
Back Squat: 375 (High Bar)
Front Squat: 300
Deadlift: 475 (awhile ago)
OHP: 200ish
Power Clean: 275ish

Recently I have been snatching and cleaning-
Snatch- 185 (really working on form, it’s never a weight issue)
Clean- 265

Former soccer player and rock climber. I was planning on going to college for soccer, but then had a multitude of knee surgeries. Picked up rock climbing instead, but stopped due to time constraints. Started lifting weights as sophomore in college, but not seriously until a year ago.


265x10, 245x10, 225x10 (hurt my hip on the last couple of reps)

Military Press
135x10, 115x10, 95x10

Bench Press

Lateral Raises- 4x20

Dips and Pull-ups on rings 50 each


Snatch-High Hang Snatch- High Hang Snatch- 135x a lot, just working on technique
Snatch Dead from deficit- 225x5x4, slow and controlled working the movement pattern of the snatch
Rows- 4x20
Pullups- 50

Felt explosive today, but my hip was bothering me from yesterday, so it was hard to get in the bottom of the snatch.


Took yesterday off, went on a long walk and did some yoga.


Squat 275x8x3
Power Clean- 205x2x10
RDL- 4x20
Leg Curl- 4x20

Dips and Pull Ups on Rings- 50 each

Everything felt a little off today, but made it through.