Bayer Global Shortage

Hi peoples,

Been a while since i have posted here. I have been cruising along on primotestion .5ml x 2 per week for some time.

When to the pharmacy to get more only to be given a letter from Bayer to the pharmacist saying there is a global shortage until q12019.

Pharmacy could not supply or source. I went back next door to my GP. I was given a script for Sustanon 250. Only to go back to the pharmacy to be told they only had 1 amp and after 30mins of phoning around they could fulfill the remaining 2 amps on that script. The proceeded to say they cant get any more Sustanon.

They were nice enough to break down my scripts so i could go pharmacy shopping but could only find one more box of primotestion.

What are my options other than gambling my money on ugl’s.

I have scheduled an appointment with my andrologist for next friday. I hoping for a bit of guidance so i know what i need to talk about with him.

Thanks in advance.