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Bay Area Viet Gang Brawl!!

Check out this video, this happened last month in Milpitas, Bay Area. Pretty insane…

After watching first youtube link, watch this remix video. Changes the whole mood of the video…Kung Fu Hustle anyone? lol

ahahah that’s some wwe shit. That was pussy how they stomped one dude in a restaurant what dumb monkeys. It’s pretty stupid to post this stuff on youtube because half of them are probably going to get in shit for it.

young guys with something to prove full of test. Least no one got stabbed, or shot.

That looked like something from a bad teen karate movie.

Looked like a guido fight.

God damnit

i remember when there used to be mad Viet gangs here, i guess there still are sorta but its not like how it was. i remember going to this arcade, Ryan’s Family Amusement when i was like 10 and there was always mad asian gangs there.

then they started going to this other place, Goodtimes. but Goodtimes is gone now and no one goes to RFA anyway for like 10 years.

these dudes were crazy too, youd hear stories about them like they all have mad crazy weapons like expandable axes and nunchucks and shit, crazy fuckers. theyd roll up 50 deep too, no bullshit. no one was scared of them 1 on 1 but there was always 20 of them fuckers around.

Wasn’t really a fair fight, but then again it never is…

[quote]DeterminedNate wrote:
Wasn’t really a fair fight, but then again it never is… [/quote]

it never is, especially if your gona fight against asians…Hey even though I’m asian, I hate to say it, but most asians love to fight 10000000000 to one. Fuckn fags…

lol I dare someone to go up to a viet dude and say doh mah mai

I remember once I was at this after hours restaurant in china town that all those guys go to after the club. Two giant tables of gangsters. One of them yells something at another and suddenly both tables stand up and lunge at eachother with knives, brass knuckles.

Everything is over in less than a minute because they all know the cops are coming, but like 6 guys left in ambulances with stab wounds.

Not a good idea to mess with those guys though. Usually I am friendly terms with them but I did get in a fight with one of them once. It’s fucking ridiculous how unpredictable they act.

I couldn’t go to their area of the city or any clubs for a year until finally the guy I pissed off ended up getting shot. Lucky for me, gangsters never live long.

I just don’t see why the guy in the black shirt had to come back and face kick the dude who was on the ground, as if the tables and chair weren’t enough. It’s not like he was getting up.

Beating an injured man does not make somebody tough.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
no one was scared of them 1 on 1 but there was always 20 of them fuckers around. [/quote]

True that. I got into it with one of them a long time ago. It was in a restroom. He couldn’t do anything. I even shoved his head into the toilet. I saw him a few weeks later at a parking lot. He was with about 11 other guys. I’m glad he didn’t see me. LOL…

Crazy little bastards…If I were the security guard there I would have just called the cops from a distance and let them handle it. Or at least not approach without backup and weapons. They wouldn’t pay me enough to risk approaching unarmed and getting stabbed by 20 angry guys just for the sake of my job.

I’ve been in similar situations before. The whole Viet gang scene was big a few years ago in the Fast N Furious days when everyone was wearing dragons and driving hotted up cars, but it’s died down a bit now.

do my my = fuck your mother in viet

i think the Cambodians are crazier than the Viets. i have to say there isnt really a whole lot of asian control left around here. you go to chinatown and certain parts of revere and lynn but thats it.

Shirley Ave in Revere used to be a crazy ass Cambodian neighborhood but if you go down it today its just a bunch of brazilians, hatians, random spanish and a couple cambodians here and there but most the stores and stuff are still in Khmer writing.

*** does anyone remember the Got Rice song?

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:

*** does anyone remember the Got Rice song?[/quote]
Hahah yezzir…shit i remember that song from like 10+ yrs ago

It’s the azn nigga fuck the rest
Dallas to New York jigga, we the best
Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia
Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia
Korea, ah ah, hometown China
who you got, huh?
you got shit nigga, feel the size
it’s the A-Z-N better recognize

got rice, bitch? got rice?
got food, got soup, got spice?
got brains like us? got skills like us?
got cars? got clothes? got girls like us?
wassup we the shit and we kill ya’ll fools
we got money in the bank from our family jewels
can we help it if we raid and corrupt the schools?
it don’t matter fuck the law shit we break the rules
we jack cars, pop games, yo we got the tools
hoop it up, break it down then we shoot some pool,
you fuck with me, you fuck with all bitch, don’t think it’s cool
one on one fuck that it’s three on one no duels

got rice bitch? got rice?
anything you can show that is nice?
got cash,got moves, got thoughts like us?
Fuck no, Hell you white you’ll never be like us
Take off your shoes when you enter please
or Crawl around on the floor with your fucking knees
don’t mind the smell you’ll get used to it
moth balls, fried squid, and that buddha shit
what the hell is that you think i don’t see
no forks in the house chops sticks only
have a taste don’t be scared try the lemon tea
you don’t want thats alright try the fuck on me

Got rice bitch, got rice?
Got luck anytime you roll the dice?
your luck is bad unless you run and hide,
cuz we’re thugs for life baby, Asian Pride…

Got MSM in jiaozi,
Got Melamime for your sup,
Come to the Asian market for your baozi
Our cheap deli will fuck you up.

Ok, so the above could be construed as racist, but I can’t help it. I used to shop at the Asian markets around here, but now I am scared as hell. Not because of the gang members, but because of the “secret” ingredients in the food.

[quote]entheogens wrote:
but because of the “secret” ingredients in the food.[/quote]

dog… haha

[quote]aznt0rk wrote:
entheogens wrote:
but because of the “secret” ingredients in the food.

dog… haha[/quote]

No, not dog. I am talking about all the MSG and now Melamime and who knows what else.

Now I am not saying there aren’t SOME good Asian restaurants (there are), but most of them are cheap and crappy (of course, the same could be said about any fast-food joint, as well) but I would love to see MSG outlawed.

Then people would see what most of what passes as Asian cuisine really tastes like. I guarantee within a month, a lot of these cheap eateries would fold. Good riddance.

Seriously, China and other Asian countries need to work on their quality control…and not just in the food industry.