Bay Area Powerlifting Gym

This is for all the powerlifters in/around the bay area.

There is a gym, Diablo Barbell, located in Concord that kicks ass. It’s got all of the necessary equipment i.e. monolift, ghr, reverse hyper etc. And they follow the west-side template.

If you live nearby, check it out. Ted and Garrett are happy to have you over.

It’s the best gym I’ve been a part of.

Hey BOBU, is this gym listed on that Elitefts page?

Man I wish I knew about that place when I worked for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office! I used to drive 30 minutes to my gym and then 10 minutes home after 12 hour shifts. I would rather have driven 10 minutes to the gym and then 30 minutes home. I live in Fairfield and there is nothing hardcore here!

You know… it might be. I’m not too sure.

But I do know that this gym kicks major ass.

I know that I’ve busted all my PR’s time and time again since I’ve joined.

Jesse has as well.

Is Fairfield that far from concord?

I drive 30-45 min to get to this gym.

Man it’s worth it.

I’ll throw in my endorsement for Diablo. Quality lifters, quality gym, and you WILL get stronger. Ted and Garrett have been very helpful to me in the past couple of weeks.

Fairfield is about 30 minutes from Concord depending on traffic. How much does a membership cost? I’d love to be able to lift there, even it I only could get down there once a week. THere are no power lifters at my gym. Irecently bought a power rack and some weights and will be lifting at home now. But being new to powerl lifting, I’d love to go somewhere where people know what they’re doing. That way my home workouts would be more productive.

BOBU: if it ain’t on that list, it needs to get there. I often refer people to that list when they’re looking for a gym.

Thanks Patricia… I’ll look into it.

BOBU, you going to the meet in January?

diablo barbell is a great gym.