Battling Ropes

Getting a new set of battling ropes that will be used by mostly young teenage kids, girls and boys. I am going to get 50’ but should I get 1 1/2" or 2" and why?

Does nobody use these or have knowledge on them?

1-1/2" is my .02

why? - we wear out some very strong athletes with a 1-1/2, 2" will probably hamper quality of work with younger athletes

we just did a seminar 2 one of our centers with Ingrid Marcum, she trained under John Brookfield the guy that pioneered batrope training & according to her 1-1/2 is a pretty good fit for everyone until a very advanced progression

do you know the press exercises with the rope?

Definitely get the 1.5" - 2" is for advanced grip - 1.5" for young and newbies.

I am using 1.5" - I am 40yrs old and the size seems perfect. I use other grip training methods regardless.