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Battling Ropes?


What is a good length for battling ropes? I know I want to buy the 2" diameter but what length should I get? I just want to buy one.


alex ovechkin (a pretty big dude btw) thinks the longer the better


Forgive my ignorance but what is the point of "battling ropes"?


Upper body conditioning and power.
The motion with the hips and shoulders is pretty appilicable to some sports specific motion. Definitely a great tool, and also one of the things people are going ape shit about because thy look cool when you are doing them. For a couple of hundred bucks I would never buy them unless I was outfitting a s&c facility where they would get used by tons of athletes.


We have some at our Studio. We didn't buy them from the website for that ridiculous amount of money. Go to a marina, but them there. $85 for a 40 foot. Don't get anything below 40, we got 30 a few months back and it's just too damn short.

Fine addition to any conditioning workout.. the people who think that they are bullshit, haven't tried them.


Thank you for the explanation.


iS THAT 85 Can or US, not that it really makes a difference now. Were the ropes you got used or new. I have done some looking, but around here even commercial used ones are pretty pricey. We got alot of hurting small fisherman looking for stuff on the cheap is what it is I think


Alternatively you can buy a 50' tug of war rope for like $50 and wrap it around a pole or tree. That's what Zach Even Esh recommends.