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Battling Ropes (Is This GPP?)


That vid had John Brookfield in it; however, I was sent this by a friend an asked what does this work exactly? Only answer I can come up w/ is possibly GPP; other than that, I am not sure.

I looked @ other vid on youtube, yet none explain what this does exactly.

What are ya'll thoughts?


Grip, gpp.
Those hemp ropes are heavy and will add resistance, and giving it a wrap around a pole will create a lot of friction. It seems like a decent way to get people to do something.

Doesn't seem like anything groundbreaking or spectacular, but it will probably give you a hell of a grip.


Another good video I saw about it.

Can you get those ropes at a hardware store like Menards or whatever? Would real men do this with chains? =)


I would watch those videos for many hours if I were on LSD.


get like 16 guys and play tug of war with those ropes. my shoulders have never been so sore in my life.


I actually did a short Battling Rope workout with Dr. Mike Martino, who uses them extensively with the teams he works with. All I can say is it will break you off!!! It's a great GPP workout, but you can perform specific exercises with the ropes as well, such as a shoulder press. That may sound easy to do with just a piece of rope, but I have seen some strong ass grown men not be able to complete a set of 10.


Thats one of my fav. things to do, however grown men look sort of odd when you approach them ( doesn't help no ones into fitness around here so suppose thats why it seems odd)
So I'll get abunch of kids in the park to go @ tug-o-war w/ me.
I've lost many a times to kids, I'll admit it, but it's a great GPP workout.


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