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Battling Back Pumps and Shin Splints (Football Player)


Hey guys I am an athlete who has used cycles in the past. Cycles like dbol, test prop and var. Not all at the same time though. I received great size and strength gains however i had to stop my cycles early every time because it was giving me painful shin and back pump when running which affected my fitness as i couldnt run any more than a few miles or a sprint. I was wondering if there were any types of aas that wouldn’t give me these painful pumps? I’m getting ready for my Junior year of college offseason and I’m trying to be prepared for anything they throw at me. I coming off an knee injury and just trying to bounce back with no back pumps and shin splints.


Did you use taurine on cycle? Although I never got the shin pumps, I found this to be very helpful with the back pumps as it reduced my 5 minute rest periods between deadlifts (sometimes never completing the full amount of sets without supplementing taurine).


I used taurine man 5,000 mg before workouts daily. It didn’t help with much actually, I’m thinking about doing 150 mg of test. I heard lower is always better.