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Battling Back From Depression/Foot Injury

i’m just getting back to the gym after battling depression for almost a year, as well as a shattered foot. finally feeling well enough to get the motivation to get back to the gym, today was my first workout, and i forgot how it felt to work out, i feel great. anybody got any tips for reclaiming some lost muscle. i think my first step is to establish my cardio before any supplementing and trying to gain back everything i lost. anyone else who can offer some tips on getting back at it after depression would be great.

also, any suggested supps or any i should stay away from since i have had bad depression? im looking into omega 3 as they say it can help elevate your mood. thanks alo guys.

Im starting to get depressed over this damn shoulder.

I dont know if it is just me, but most supplemets lift my mood, I notice it when I take Power Drive, Spike, even Surge.