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Battletoads on NES is the Hardest Game of All Time


if you disagree you are a liar and I will fight you




Belligerent who is the guy in your avatar?


I think everyone thought this game was pretty damn hard, including older players. Most people couldn't even figure out the controls. I guess it was ahead of it's time, you could say, due to it's complex controls.



I don't think anyone would much disagree about Battletoads being one of the hardest. The absolute hardest? Probably not. Trying Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) on Master Ninja mode. You will not last the first level.

And FlameOfOsiris is right. I had that fucking game for Gameboy and could never get past the first floor... which was like 20 seconds into the game.




HAHAHAHAHA my little brother got us in trouble because that game would freeze in our nintendo when we rented it once and he was screaming and crying that THE GAME IS CHEATING!!!! ITS CHEATTTTIIIIINNNGGGG!!!! Man we werent allowed to rent that one ever again.

Then he grew up to play semi pro rugby. If he wailed on that little NES now like he did then it would be toast...


Nintendo Hard(tm)

Battle of Olympus and Blaster Master(without using exploits) are both ridiculously hard as well.


Me too. =( The game was freaking impossible. It had certain RPG elements to it as well. Buying games for consoles such as these was akin to gambling. You never really knew if you were just throwing away fifty bucks, lol.


contra without cheats?


Top 10 Hardest games by Gametrailers.com. #1 is battletoads. A lot in this list were NES games. It included Contra. Contra isn't a hard game, but it is almost impossible to beat with just 3 lives (that's why we'd use the 30 lives code, who still knows it by heart lol).


I can vouch for the difficulty of F-Zero GX. The second level of the story mode is fucking bullshit. A sharp right turn going like 1000 mph, yeah fucking right.


Mortal Kombat 2 use to kick my ass damn that game and X-Men Children Of The Atom


This thread is funny.



No, you just suck at fighting games. MK2 was awesome.


Dude the hardest game ever was Batman Beyond on the N64, like WTF. I played that like 8 years ago and it still pisses me off.


Some of those Battletoads levels looked impossible.

Great thread, I always thought Lifeforce shouldve been mentioned alongside COntra and Super C. Lifeforce was prob the best of the three.


This. Has anyone beat it without codes?


I completely agree with you. My cousin and myself have been saying this for years. Fuckin toads.