Battlestar Gallactica: What A Ride!


If you Love Sci-Fi like me…and you haven’t seen “Battlestar Gallactica”…you’ve missed perhaps the best SciFi show in years.

It’s sometimes hard to “redo” a Classic TV show (the 70’s original now seems sorta’ “cheesy”) or movie…but these guys pulled it off…and THEN some…with a ‘helluva’ lot of twist that make it a MUCH different show from the original…(one author likened it to “24” in Space…)

Some Twist

Some of the Cylons have evolved and can now take on human form (the “Toasters”, or Robot Cylons, still exist)

These Humanoid Cylons have developed a belief (albeit VERY warped belief) in “God”

MANY ethical, political and moral topics are dealt with…even “religious” (Why would the Children (the Cylons) want to completely destroy their Creators (humans)?

Starbuck is a Cigar Smoking, hard-nosed FEMALE fighter Pilot (Katee Sackoff)

Edward James Almos plays the Military Leader Adama with the power of a troubled soul who often has to send his Pilots out on what amounts to suicide Missions.

Cylon Raiders (fighters) are actually organic creatures with inorganic shells.

And, oh…the ever present Cylon “Femme Fatale” Number Six… (Tricia Hefler), who is Evil Incarnate…who spouts off Religious Dogma and is forever torturing the Genius Dr. Baltar…

Guys…you have GOT to check it out. The first season is about to end…and is reported to be a real cliff hanger!

Here is the link to the Official Site?



Is it me or is it getting a little nerdy in here? =P

The Cylon “Femme Fatale” Number six…

The Gallactica doesn’t stand a chance…


It’s you…


[quote]Mufasa wrote:
If you Love Sci-Fi like me…and you haven’t seen “Battlestar Gallactica”…you’ve missed perhaps the best SciFi show in years.

… and you waited until almost the end of the season to tell us that? Tsk, tsk.

Just kidding. I’ll second your enthusiasm about the series. The whole SciFi Friday Primetime lineup kicks butt, my only regret SciFi is not HD, 'cause BSG is being broadcast in HD in other countries.

Somebody needs to do a campaign for a SciFi HD, instead of wasting time on “Save Enterprise” crap.

For the ones who missed it (first season is almost over) the pilot is already available on DVD, and the whole first season will be available pretty soon in both Region 1 and 2.

If you’re into P2P and have no problems with dubious legality I hear you can also find the pilot and the whole S1 on eMule, ripped right from SkyOne’s high-quality digital stream.

I agree, it is awesome! I love Sci-Fi and can’t wait for the finale.

Yes, I have been watching. I think they did a great job with it. It mixes a lot of humanity with technology. It’s far from a special-effects show (very far). It has story and depth.

And, I have the hots for Boomer (Grace Park, I think her name is?) I hear there is a scene before the end of the season with a bunch of naked Sharon/Boomer clones all in a room. Now that’s television!

Warrior nerd, baby. That is by far one of the best SciFi shows ever put together. I thought they could not do any better aftr Farscape but they did.
One of only three hours of TV I watch (Monk being one of the others…shit’s funny as hell).


Yeah I’ve been digging this show too. It started a bit slow but’s picking up steam nicely.

Usually sci fi really gets it’s act together in the 3rd season or so so I think it’s only going to get better.

And yes, Grace Park is really fine! Yowza!

I watched part of one of the shows at the beginning of the season then my shift changed. It’s on the list of DVDs to rent when the season wraps up. Just watched the first 4 episodes of “24” tonight. I can’t wait for the next DVD to get here. Commercial free TV with a pause button is awesome.

I nearly fell off the sofa when I figured out Starbuck was a female! Nice twist. I like the tension it creates.

Another interesting point…

The original brought “Star Wars to our living rooms” and was VERY dependent on weekly Special effects and Cylon Battles (part of it’s cancallation was due to high production cost…)

The new BSG is VERY story dependent, with special effects as a nice backdrop…I think that anytime you “have” to become effects dependent, you’re going to have problems…


[quote]911 Girl wrote:
I nearly fell off the sofa when I figured out Starbuck was a female! Nice twist. I like the tension it creates.[/quote]

Did you also notice that the new bad-guy terrorist (forget his name) is the same guy who played Apollo in the original BSG series?


“Gallactica” ended the season leaving us hanging with ALL kinds of thoughts!

  1. Adama was shot by “Boomer” (whom has “become” Cylon…that’s a whole other thread worth of explanation!).

  2. In the wierdest “twist”, it appears that the “Grand Plan” of the Cylons was to a)eliminate the human race THEN b)breed a completely new race of beings, with Dr. Boltar somehow being central to this whole plan!

Hey, guys…it you haven’t followed “BG’s” first season, this will all sound non-sensical and “nerdy”…but for the Lover’s of the genre, this is GREAT SciFi!


Sharon/Boomer… what a paradox.

The Sharon on Caprica falls in love with a human and becomes pregnant with him, after abandoning her Cylon superiors. Not very Cylon of her.

The Sharon on Galactica shoots Adama, confirming her Cylon roots, yet just got done destroying an entire Cylong base star housing multiple copies of herself.

She’s a conflicted “woman”. :slight_smile:

The imagination and forethought that went into the series is simply amazing!