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Battlefield: Bad Company 2


I'm enjoying myself at Black Ops, don't get me wrong. Its just too glitchy and laggy for the time being. I also recently picked up Bad Company 2 on PS3.

Much more tactical and realistic. My problem is I loath objective based games. If I had some good players to play with I think I'd enjoy myself more. Anyone out there have this and want to team up?

PSN gamer tag is ChipDuglass

Feel free to compare this to the COD series all you want. It's always a good discussion.


Bad Company somehow > CoD imo


Battlefield/Bad Company multiplayer will always be greater than CoD. To bad console only has 24 players.


I fucking pwn at BBC2. Add me gamertag Fuzyapple for PS3. I'll only play with people who have mics. It makes the difference who wins and who loses in BBC2.


Prepare to get shot in the face.

Recon and rocket spam is what this game degenerated to by the time I got to level 20, at least on the PC. Maybe it's different on the consoles.