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Battle Ropes... Ohmygod


I feel like an asshole…I honestly considered them a bit of a fad, due to 1. Seeing people doing them semi-slowly and for long periods of time and 2. Emulating that myself, to an extent, on the couple times I messed with them in the 10 or so years I’ve been lifting. Doing conditioning today, and having read a bit more about them recently, I picked them up and did 6 30 second sets, really sitting in a deep stance and going ALL OUT, throwing them as hard as I can, only stopping to do crunches, and good fucking lord I felt like I was going to die. I can do burpees and push-ups and pull-ups all day but I swear to god 30 seconds of that shit was all I could handle, by the sixth set my arms were noodles. Maybe I was the only person who didn’t know this?

Definitely could see myself getting some and super setting them with uphill sprints.



I do battle ropes when I decide to rotate them back in during training.

They kick my ass going slow, or trying to go rather fast paced.

I like them over most HIIT movements. I didn’t even know you could mix it up and put them in a Tabata style workout for a quick sweat.


Oh man. Forget rather fast and go all out balls to the wall, as fast as you can, alternating waves and simultaneous waves switching every 5 seconds for 30 second sets. I honestly could have puked. Amazing conditioning.


I don’t have access to any battle ropes, but, always wanted to try them. Have you experienced any shoulder issues? The article talks about the “jarring impact”, but, I don’t really see it being any worse than punching a heavy bag, which I have done for years with no major problems.



I’ve dealt with a slight labral tear and bursitis in my shoulder - plus a chunk of bone popped off at some point - for years. Even during all the flailing, I’m attempting to keep them in a good low position, and I have absolutely no pain from doing them. Obviously the writer of this article knows what he’s talking about, but to compare using ropes to Kipping pull ups or ring dips, where your entire body weight is placing stress directly on the shoulder, is ridiculous (in my opinion). The ropes were first used and still are being used by MMA fighters, who punch and crank on joints all day. I think it’s fantastic for shoulder stability, and it feels as if it’s strengthening mine further. There’s another T-nation article about Battle Ropes being fantastic, “upper body sprinting”, I believe was the phrase used. Up to you to try them, but my main point here was that if you’re using them properly, it’s not some minute or two minute drill, it’s 20-30 seconds of pure anaerobic hell.




Thank you


Yeah they are like the upper body sprint. Was doing them in a circuit, oh my god.

About shoulders, well authors diverge; CT for instance said they aren’t dangerous. Personally I never had trouble.


^ yup. There are countless PTs and doctors who say squats and deads are bad. If the form is sound and there are no seriously limiting pre-existing injuries I’m sure you can go ham.


Maybe I’m doing no them wrong, but I didn’t get much out if it.

Any particular technique that I need to be doing?

I’ve tried them by alternating “making waves” while in a quarter squat position. Made my arms tired but didn’t see what the big deal is about them.



I sit deeper than a quarter squat, and the biggest thing I’ll say is just go hard. As the T-nation article says, “leave some blood on the ropes”. Check out the rock doing them. Dude goes hard.


If you want some extra fun on the battle ropes try doing jumping jacks holding on to them, so fun…