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Battle Ropes Bad for the Shoulders?


Hi coach, just wanted your opinion on the case of battle ropes being bad for your shoulders. https://www.T-Nation.com/training/3-shoulder-killers-to-avoid


[quote]masfonos wrote:
Hi coach, just wanted your opinion on the case of battle ropes being bad for your shoulders. https://www.t-nation.com/training/3-shoulder-killers-to-avoid[/quote]

I’m always careful about commenting an article by another author published on T-nation.

I will say that Scott is entitled to his opinion but that I don’t share it. Far from it. First of all battling ropes aren’t as “violent” as he makes them to be, in fact the force production curve is safer than many other movements because of the nature of the movement (resistance changes due to the position of the rope) and I find that the tri-dimensional aspect of BP movements can actually make it an effective too to PREVENT shoulder issues.

And I do not like to critique other coaches, but Scott has prescribed exercises that are actually much more demanding on the shoulders than battling ropes in the past. He also uses or used very rapid/explosive movements that are very similar to battling rope movements but he uses elastic bands. In fact I used these exercises as a substitute for battling ropes for people who did not have access to the later. Maybe he changed his mind over the years.

Scott remains a very successful coach and a bright person. And you don’t become successful by accident. But I do not agree with 100% of his beliefs just like he probably doesn’t agree with mine.


Maybe I can chip in with a similar comment about ring dips. I’ve suffered impingement in the past but I can honestly say my shoulders have never been better since switching to ring dips, which I do regularly at home. Sometimes when visiting a gym I’ve done standard bar dips as a substitute and had some light pain around the tendon area for a few days afterwards. Just my experience.


Thanks CT, sorry I didn’t mean to put you in an awkward situation.