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Battle Rope with the Layer 'System for body recomposition



ok so with my first pay day since i graduated i treated my self to my own home gym haha.
�£1300 up stuff all so i can do the layer system as effectively as i would like -i guess this is the most money i've spent on a workout system!!

obviously i bought a power rack, along with an olympic weight set, bench, trap bar etc.
a kind of impulse buy was battle ropes; buying a sled isnt feasible for my house, but i think battle rope will serve well as a power conditioning tool.

i'm following the fast/feast diet, eating all my calories in the space of 4-6 hours around my workout..

my question is what is your stance on daily battle rope sessions at 7am before work (15-20min) for metabolic work, then layer workout at 6pm (eating all my food 5pm-10pm still)?

would you say this could be a good combination for body re-composition (providing diet is in check)?

many thanks in advance