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Battle of Vikings

This weekend was Battle of Vikings in the little village Eide outside Molde, on the western coast of Norway. This was a competition way out of my league, but i joined to get the experience and to have fun.

The exercises was the following:

Husafell/cross-carry: A vedge-shaped stone weighing 330lbs/150kg, no handles. Carry it for 20 meters. I didn’t really get it up and ended up at 1 meter and 70cm… Gotta train more for this i guess…

Viking press: overhead press with stones. No grips or anything like that, so hard to clean and press. I ended up at 143lbs/65kg, almost had the 176lbs/80kg, but was too much of a coward to give it the final push.

Farmers: 341lbs/155kg pr hand… Well, what can i say, this is 50-60kgs more pr hand than I ever have tried before, i managed to get it off the ground and get one step in… And I’m happy with that, getting 682lbs/310kg off the ground is far above my own expectations.

atlas stones with natural stones: managed 198lbs/90kg, 220lbs/100kg and 264lbs/120kg but 286lbs/130kg and 330lbs/150kg just got too heavy.

Carry and drag: run 10 meters, carry 176lbs/80 keg 10 meters, run 10 meters back, fetch 88lbs/40kg rock, carry back 10 meters and drag this and 110lbs/50kg plates back to the goal 20 meters away… used about 45-50 secs on this… I was totally worn out at this point, so happy that i got to the finnish line at all… :slight_smile:

Well, that was all! Great competition, and the more pro guys did great! Always great to compete with strong and good hearted athletes!

Couple of questions: -

  1. Did anyone complete all the events? Natural stone lifting is mans stuff.

  2. Were there any women there? did you get any pics?

  1. I think it was one or two that completed all the events, or maybe three… I’m a bit unsure. At least two.

  2. Ofcourse there were women! :smiley: I’ll post pics when i get them, i didn’t have the time to take any pics, but a friend of mine did… :wink:

Hell nice work sounds like fun and a hell of an experience

jesus those were some pretty good events,congrats on entering