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battle of the bands


Forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere as I am very, very new to Westside techniques and principles- Has anyone ever used bands on variations of the Oly lifts? I was wondering if they'd be effective on pull snatch/clean, hang cleans, and drop snatches. Bad idea? I'm looking for more excelleration on the pull part of the move for both Oly lifts. I'll drop this by the lair if you guys don't think it belongs here, but I don't see CT using bands or anything like that.


In the reactive method video louie says you can use reverse band power cleans. He shows someone do them in the video.


That's a good question. So good that I don't have an answer. Someone more knowledgeable of both accomodating resistance and the O-lifts would need to answer this. I think CT would be your best bet. Maybe heavythrower, as he's had a lot of experience with both OL and PL.


very effective - allows you to eccentuate the upper part of the snatch pull and clean pull. the rest is technical and you dont need speed there.



I had thought about it. Maybe the minis and only for hi pulls(clean grip, snatch grip) and not the complete clean or snatch. I dont think I have seen that covered here either.


I've done the lifts with chains, and it makes the second pull feel like nothing when you take them off. My current coach doesn't like how wobbly they can make the lifts, but since he isn't around all the time I still like to sneak them in :wink: I would only recommend them if your technique is very sound and solid and consistent. Never tried bands though.