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Battle of the Bands

I've seen a few people on this forum that dig the heavier side of music. For that, I offer up the following...

OK, my band (Typecast) is in the running in our newspaper's battle of the bands here in Denver. It's one of those deals where the first round of voting is done via the internet. The winners of that then move on to the performance leg of the competition. We are a heavier style of music; along the lines of Sevendust, Mudvayne, Chimaira, Slipknot, Soulfly, etc... So, if you dig that type of music, please read on. If not, thanks and sorry to have wasted you time.

I was hoping that I could get a few of you guys to help us out by voting for my band. It would mean a lot to us. And if you're into this style of music, you're in for some good shit! All you have to do is go to www.postnewsbattleofthebands.com, select Typecast from the Bands dropdown menu, scroll down to where the Music Download area is, check out the songs if you want, and place your vote. That's it! And, like I said we'd really appreciate this!

And, if there's anyone else in a band up here, let's hear about it!

dude where and when are you guys playing, because im in the west burbs of denver. ill definetely vote cuz A)gotta represent my t-bros and B)gotta represent my t-bro’s from denver. BTW, im going to the tool concert on oct. 11 up on the boulder campus. you going?

I gave your music a few listens and really dug it! The sound seems pretty mature and in my opinion your band may have a pretty bright future. I’m not a really big fan of Soulfly, so when the Max Calavera type singing came on it didn’t exactly hit me in the right way the rest of the songs did. Nonetheless, I think you’ve got something there and you’ve certainly got my vote! Good luck!

I tried to dl the songs but it didn’t work, so therefore you don’t get my vote. But once I have a listen and if you rock I’ll vote, but not without hearing it first.

wow! you guys kick some ass! Ever go on tour or do you just play around CO?

Awesome!! You got my vote. Herc

That rocks!!! Like everything about it but the focals are a little strong but other wise it rocks…

I’m in San Diego… but I seem to recall hearing something about the band Typecast. Could it have been another one, or have you guys ever played down here?

JC#10:We play around Denver a lot. Bluebird and Ogden opening for national acts mostly. We don't have anything scheduled right now, but that changes all of the time. We will hopefully be playing the Soiled Dove for this competition soon. If you like the shit you heard, visit our website (aurorapowergroove.com) and sign up for the e-mail list. Then we'll let you know when anything comes up.

Steve F:Please try again. Our server has been getting hit a lot because of this competition. It should wrk for you.

RIGHT ON to the rest of you guys for checking us out and voting. We have only played in Colorado and some of the surrounding states, but we have friends and fans in North and South Cali (to: RenegadeDragon). It's possible you've heard of us out there. Thanks again!

You got my vote from Teela in Colorado Springs. Didn’t get a chance to listen to the music yet, but saw the pics and that was all I needed to see to win my vote. Great look!