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Battle of L.A Thoughts


Didnt see a thread so Ill start one. Just got done watching. My expectations were well met. I didnt see hardly any holes in it as well.


Good to know. The trailer looked interesting enough and I'd like to see before the haters come out...


I just got back from seeing it. Not to give anything away, same plot as another apocalyptic movie set on or about the 4th of July. But very well done and worth seeing. I give it **** stars.



They had me at Michelle Rodriguez.


lol...it looks like you said fuck stars but T-Nation bleeped it out!

Anyhoo, I went to a shopping center today and was going to go but I'd just missed the 1500h so came home.


I find the lack of taste in this thread disturbing.


Gonna see Rango instead.


It was mediocre at best.


Really? What makes you say that?


both the acting and the dialogue weren't very good. didn't expect much going into it though so not disappointed in that regard.

only good part about the movie is that 30seconds into it theres aliens blasting up the joint and it continues until the end


That film looks like the worst scourge to plague movie theaters since The Expendables or 2012.


I thought the acting was ok. Dialogue was pretty simple so I can understand that point.


Those 2 movies are far beyond this one. Also, I havent seen a movie about an alien invasion that I thought to myself "Wow. Incredibly written!".


Far beyond those as in far worse? Fuck, that's bad, because The Expendables is probably the worst movie I've ever seen. And that's after walking out of the theater after watching 2012 thinking to myself that I'll NEVER see a movie that bad again.


District 9? While it wasn't about Alien Invasion Persay it was still Very well written.


What he said. Fine action, but the dialogue made me groan at times.


I liked District 9


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. District 9: how to make a movie about alien invasions
2012, The Expendables and, most likely, Battle Los Angeles: how NOT to make a movie of any kind.


Body snatchers.

Very clever and paranoid, with allusions to the communist infiltration scare.


Sounds like Im alone but I wouldnt put District 9 over others. But Body Snatchers yes. And for the same reasons you say.