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Battle of Covid Weight to Fluffy Built

As we all know the covid story and how it has effected everyone, I was one of the lucky ones not to catch it and have been at work since roughly late may. Gym opened up just last week and what better way then to celebrate with a new log on training for 2021 power lifting season.

To start off and try to lift max would be a dump idea, so I am building a plan where I start at 10x10 then slowly move to 1x1. In the process, I am looking to stack on muscle while I slowly get stronger and will be training 2 days on 1 day off then continue on in the program.

I plan to log the last couple sessions later today before I head off…Looking forward to 2021!!!


Bench 135@8×8
Cable flys 16@4×15
Bb Curls 30@4×15
Hammer Curls 15@4×15
Wrist Roll 30@4×15

DL 315@8×8
Lat Pull downs (behind) 65@4×15
Pull ups -220@4×15
Bicycle crunches 4x15
Bird dogs 2x15

Shoulder Press 100@8x8
DB Press 30@4x15
Arnold Press 20@4x15
Kickbacks 10@4x15
SS Press downs/Upright Rows 45/27.5@4x15
Bicycle Crunches 4x15

Squat 225@8×8
Leg press 225@4×15
Reverse Hyper 3×15
GHR 3x15
Rotator cuff 5@4×15
Calf Raises 45@4×15
Calf press 35@3×15

Bench 300x1 - had more in me but didn’t want to push it as were not allowed spotters

Db flys 20@4×15
Press downs(rope) 38@2×15 30@1×15 25@2×15
Hammer Curls 20@4×15
Spider Curls 15@4×15
Wrist rolls 50@4×15

Testing maxes this week as the WPO is holding a meet in the near future so need to start gearing up for that

DL Session
500x1 -sliped as I went to lower the bar
500x1 -100% clean

Pull ups: -200@3×15 -220x15
Lat pull downs: 75@4×15
Behind pull downs: 65@4×15
Lower back pulls: 35@4×15
Cable ab twist (both directions): 11@4×15
Sode bends 45@4×15

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Shoulder Press
205x1 - Max and my all time high is 225

Side laterals 20@4x15
Upright Rows 50@4x15
Dips -180 @4x15
Iso Press Downs/Kick backs 10@4x15
Bird Dogs 4x10

480x1 - Takes All Time Squat Record

GHR 3x15
Reverse Hyper 2x15
Leg Curls 30@4x15
Leg Extensions 110@4x15
Bicycle Crunches 4x15

Since I have finished all my max testing I will be gearing up in a new system to prepare for a potential meet within the next two months. I will be running WSBB from here on out, you will see some different Max effort days than what Louie lives by.

As a Raw lifter my body does take a good beating from maxing out every time, so because of that I am planning on doing more Doubles and triple PRs over 1 Max rep.

Floor Press

Incline DB Press: 50@4x15
Incline DB Fly: 15@4x15
Dips: -160@2x15 -180@2x15
Press Downs: 65@2x15 55@2x15
Wrist Roll: 60@4x15

Note: Will be doing another two weeks of hypertrophy then will be moving into more specific training for Powerlifting.

Looks like you’ve maintained some good strength thru the covid. What weight class do you like to compete at?

All my previous meets I have competed in the 125kg class, but depending how I look after October, I might bump up to the 140kg class.

Box Squat-Below
490x1 - PR

GHR: 25@4x10
Pull through: 75@3x10 75x20

Bench - 80lb band

Pull Ups: -160lb@3x10 -180lb@3x10
JM Press: 35@4x10 - still feeling the elbow as I am dealing with it from the car accident
Hammer Curls: 25@4x15
Iso Press Downs: 15@4x10
Face Pulls: 55@4x20

140, at a minimum will be a good time eating!

is the 160 and 180 on dips, added weight?

no it’s minus weight, as I have to use a pull up assisted machine to build my lat strength up. I hope one day I can do that ahahah.