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Battery Trick They Don't Want You to Know


Cool battry trick


Sorry dude:


dude come on you seriously didnt fall for that did you?


Stupid worthless crap in the net


Just buy rechargeables. I have 6 rechargeable AA and AAA batteries that I bought two years ago. I haven't bought batteries since.


The opening title "GAGFilms" is the giveaway.


Funny... I've seen that same name somewhere else...


Me too...just can't remember where...


You can however turn a C battery into a D battery with 4 quarters, or a wad of foil!


My favorite battery hack . . .

Take two dead or nearly-dead AAs, rub them together in your palms in a "hand-warming" rub. Do so for about thirty seconds, wait a bit, then repeat.

I used to get an extra 20+ hours of play on my walkman and cd-walkman back in middle-school and high school with that.

Being poor = hack skillz.


There are some cool tricks you can do with batteries though like putting a celllphone battery in the freezer if you dont have your charger with you and need to make the battery last as long as possible..the battery will lose power even when not being used by making it cold it slows down this process


now if you get 1.5 volts from a AA battery how do you get 6 volts out of 32?

come on now


8 parallel sets of 4 in series


Works better if you squeeze them, I believe.


still dosent add up.

8 sets of 4
each set is 1.5 volts cause a circut in parallel will have a voltage drop equal to the other voltages or something like that lol.

so its 8 x 1.5 coming out to 12 volts.
but what will that do to the amperage each one of the seperate batteries will need such a low amount of amperage to come out to the 4 amps that is in a standard 6 volt battery that they would not work if used by themselves

i see how you got that 8x4 is 32 but electricity is weird.

like the diesels i work on they have 4-6 batteries
lets say 4 batteries each one 12 volts and 8 amps for argument
they are hooked up parallel so they are still total of 12 volts in the system but there is now 32 amps
hook em up series you have 48 volts at 8 amps
then you have to allow for resistance of the grounding straps and stuff so it will be a different number yet.

remember parallel = amps go up
series = voltage go up


HA... I had a friends that saw this video and tried it. Needless to say he was very disapointed.

Like Peter said, my parents used to take dead batteries and put them in the freezer for a day or two and get some good addition from them.