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Battery Life Using Bootcamp on a Macbook


It lasts just 1.5 hours for me. WTF!


Whats bootcamp?


bootcamp allows macs to boot with other operating systems besides OSX, like windows vista, 7, XP, or a linux.

Seems to me that macbooks typically only run for 2-3.5 hours with OSX, and depending on what operating system your running the battery management sucks. Vista is an absolute whore for battery life, my HP lappy gets all of 45 minutes at full performance. Shits weaksauce.

Look on the mac forums for a better battery life manager or just scale the performance way down. My question though, if why the hell pay so much for a mac if you need to run a different operating system? And if you say work bought it, then you work for a lot of idiots.


Seconded, why own a mac if you're just going to use a PC operating system?