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Baton Rouge Louisiana Powerlifters?


Just like it sounds. Looking for Powerlifters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to train with. I am 30 and have been training since 15. I lifted at LSU in 06, 07. I lost my training partners to kids and life in general. Lifting raw right now but looking to get back in equipment starting in January. I lift IPF and drug free but don't care what you do. Just need to be around motivated individuals.


Garry Frank is the state chairman of the APF and has Hardcore Barbell. He lives in Greenwell Springs, and the gym is in his back yard. It is my understanding though, that he is moving it to a commercial building; in fact, it may already be moved. You can find his email address on the World Powerlifting Congress website.

In fact, my avatar is from a meet he put on in Baton Rouge in October 2011.