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Batman's Training Program


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Read the article. I asked the same question =)


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This is the workout routine that made Batman. After he started fighting crime, his workout changed.


Yeah. I'm sure now he focuses on isolated criminal incidents since he already build his size of reputation with the police.


no way it is he wasnt even in Gothan when he was becoming Batman lol he was all over the world training with elite martial artists mastering over a hundred of them he wasnt running laps all day long.

You dont bench 1000lbs like Batman did doing crossfit+long cardio all day



As a training/maintenance regimen for someone who does the shit Batman does that's a pretty weak program.

First of all Batman's gym should be the underground incarnation of the Ninja Warrior obstacle courses. Plus some traditional Olympic style gymnastics equipment and training thrown in for good measure, especially the vault. A power rack, a few bars, weights, and specialty gpp items.

Running should be two 30 minute runs, or one 30 minute and one 60 minute run per week. I think steady state cardio gets slapped around a bit much these days. Some no frills road work is good training. I don't see the point of a 20 mile run. Between Batmobiles, Batcycles, Batcopters, Batjets, Batclaw/grappling hook, and a glide suit Batman doesn't need to ever run 20 miles. If I've learned anything from Arkham City it's that running is the least efficient means to get around town.

To go along with the running is the Kata. Kata is cardio work. Anyone who has trained in Martial Arts like Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Weapon styles, etc... has learned kata. And that shit can be exhausting. Every belt has it's own form, and going thru the forms from white belt to the black belt ranks can take 30-40 minutes. I've done some intense kata practice and would liken it to running sprints or bleachers. Kata can also be slowed down too. It can be more meditative and gentle. Kata is one of those things I see Batman doing on a near daily basis, but not so regimented like in that program.

While on the martial arts subject, how does Batman keep his sparring sessions so specific? He's really only got 3 possible sparring partners at home in the Batcave. Dick, Tim, and Damien. Damien is probably always close at hand, but Dick and Tim have their own roles as superheroes. I suppose Batman can spar other JL'ers over at the Hall of Justice or the Watchtower. Still it seems like a big hurdle to jump scheduling for sparring partners for Friday evening with a superhero's life.

Why does he have 30 minute flexibility sessions and 30 minute Yoga sessions? It makes more sense to just do yoga. They do the same thing, but I find yoga to be more challenging than traditional stretching while wielding greater results. On that same note, meditation should be a daily thing too. Maybe not so prescribed as 30 minutes a day, but as needed. Dennis O'Neil's run on "The Question" showed what yoga and meditation should look like when used by a superhero to great effect. It was nothing so bland as 30 minutes on Sunday morning.

I think they got the right idea about his weightlifting. I do believe his weightlifting would be of the "One Lift A Day" ilk. Probably based on a 10 day schedule rather than a 7 day. With all the other crap he has to do it's not like he has time for a complicated routine. Get in. Lift. Go on to the next thing.

Overall the whole program seems to compartmentalized for someone like Batman. I can see five minutes of basic target practice. Then Batarang practice should be mixed in with sprints, tumbling, jumping, and sparring. Occasionally sparring should be done on the balance beam, as should kata. I would expect Batman's training to be more innovative. Unfortantely innovative is tough to explain on a single piece of paper.


That was essentially my assessment.



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not bad, at least im not the only one that thinks like this lol


O.K. just read it...

You know what ? I'm gonna give this workout a try !


Apart from the weekly marathon Alpha actually trains like this, he takes days off as he might be flying to Kuwait or Afghanistan, but in fact he does more heavy work. A normal day he might bench 450 AND deadlift 580 and all with a broken back.

Also Bruce Wayne is a billionaire so he can afford unlimited Kobe beef, Anaconda and supermodel blowjobs to recover and relax.


I know. That post was made in fun.


Really? Cuz I've found that supermodel blowjobs actually hurt my recovery times.


That programme is bullshit. I've been pissing around in Arkham City for 4 days now and I haven't seen Batman do ANY fucking yoga! Batman sure is a buff mofo though.

I love that game...


Speaking of Alpha, anyone hear anything about him lately? Noticed he hasn't been around for quite a few months.