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Batman's Training Program


If you don't mind having 2 days per week where you perform 10 sets of squats, or running 20 miles on your "off" day, you too can fight crime.

Here's a copy of Batman's actual workout log, at least according to "The Batman Files," a new book which details lots of stuff about our favorite Dark Knight.

I was asked to review the workout in an interview for Men's Fitness. The review is on their site.

Assuming I can post a link, here it is: http://su.pr/2qG5Zj


The body language in your Avatar says it all lol.


It seems very redundant in a lot of areas.


this begs one question. Who is, The Batman?


I think Batman trains like Alpha.


Batman just seems bigger than 6-1", 210#


Does frequent sex with Vicky Vale negatively impact Batman's ability to recover from his workouts?


You do realize that CF will be doing this shit as the WOD pretty damn quickly now.


When does he fight crime tho?


Off topic : Seriously hot avatar!

(smiling's, not John's, well, John's is O.K. too I guess...)


I like this. Are there anymore for other superheroes?


Couldn't open the link at work but I'm curious : is this a hypothetical WO or something Bale actually did for one of the movies or what ?


Pretty sure I'm the favorite Dark Knight.



Batmans actually supposed to be 6`2 and 215

thats fail number one

Remember Batman can also bench press 1000lbs as stated in a comic book

He also has a perfect diet that he never goes off of, thats why he drinks ginger ale at parties and pretends its champagne

also i love how batman only does total body movements and no isolation movements, the guy looks like a bodybuilder and obviously wants every single muscle as strong as possible.

I think his workouts would look more like a strongman/bodybuilder hybrid.

I dont think his cardio would be nearly so high because he has that training at night every night crime fighting so why the hell would he be wasting his time doing simple steady state cardio? Hes a genius he would know thats not the best way to gain the type of explosive speed, strength, endurance he needs. His workouts probably would not be nearly as taxing as these would be. He wouldnt focus on fu*king circuits if he has cardiovascular training all damn night. his training should be broken into, martial arts training and strength/power/speed training. Im going to remake his program based on how I would do it if i was Batman which i am


Yeah...doing 20 miles at 4:50 pace then adding "must try to cut 30 seconds from each minute next time" sounds nutty.

I want to see Superman's regimen!


Yep found you.



wheelless freight train drags, commercial airliner OH presses, mountain range broad jumps, 1,000lb squats in 100xgravity, sparring rounds with Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel, swimming laps in the Atlantic, and alternating Prius curls for the girls


Lol, no not Bale's workout.
They've got batman squatting 10 sets of 5 with 525 pounds.
This is the workout of the canon DC batman.


Lol, superman doesn't do any strength training. He gets all of his strength from the sun.
I think he did get some fighting training from Batman, though.


Looks like Watterbury made batmans program to me

  • check my log for his actual training regiment he just sent it to me - Batman just sent it to me loool