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Batman's Bench Press


It's official. Batman benches 600+ when dieting down for a contest. Do you think his batsuit is single ply or multi-ply?

Note: I know this is ~a year old, and from Batman: RIP. Let me be a nerd.


Are you sure that's RIP? Seems like it's from an older Batman annual featuring the Scarecrow.

Could be wrong, though.

And his Snatch is around 600+, covered in Batman: Venom. Hits 690 when juicing.

I should be working right now.

[Remember, he's, canon-wise, physically perfect.]


And to think according to Batman Begins he can't even lift a bloody log.


Batman takes so many anabolic steroids and so many protein shakes, I'm not surprised. And I'm saying this as a compliment.


I swear it's from RIP. It's in the middle of the final issue (Batman 683 I think? Give or take an issue). And good God. That's ridiculous. Is that mini-series (?) worth reading?


Just download the GN re-release. It's . . . preachy. And just bad. Sets the stage for Bane, though.

And that page is probably in one of the two issues I missed in RIP. Gotta back-track on them. I know something similar happened in a Scarecrow annual.


It's Over 9000!


Yes, what is the consensus? Is he juicing? I think it would be prudent, all the fights, exercise and need for recovery and all. If I ever start fighting crime as a vigilante, I'm definitely going on juice and crazy exercising.


I thought that he had tried steroids but doesn't use them (the series was referenced above). I haven't read the issue in question but I heard that he went crazy with "roid rage" and decided to stop. Hopefully I misheard.


He has to be taken supplements and some type of steroid. HGH for example. If Stallone uses it, Batman uses it.


Venom did cause the rage, as it was designed to "fuck up your shit." Strength, recovery, with a loss of emotional control. Also had deadly withdrawal in higher doses.

As far as exogs, it's canon that Batman uses the highest quality food and supplements, as well as the healing arts of Nanda Parbut. Nothing "from a needle."

Pretty sure that's a Grant Morrisson thing.


If he's pushing from a coffin, that's more of a floor press.


What? But...Grant Morrison said Batman said he's BENCH PRESSING 600 pounds! And Batman is the world's greatest detective!



Not sure how much that would count, he was in a life-threatening situation, rate coding would put his muscles in a different state than normal.


How much do you think he could dead and squat...


Id like to see his workout


I don't think Batman would ever do steroids because he would never want to take the chance the he could become addicted again.

Reference the first Venom appearance, where Batman started taking Venom in order to be able to lift more, because he wasn't able to lift enough to save a little girl. He ended up locking himself in the Batcave for 30 days(?) so that he could fight off the addiction that he ended up with. I think after that he swore that he would never take anything special like that again. He was even put in a situation where he had the chance to take Venom again in order to get out of a well, but decided to use the power of his mind in order to get out instead.


with all the roof jumping and swinging we expect he should at least jump good, so at least 3xBW for reps for a 40 inch jump, squat without equipment, jumping with the armor and all