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Batman vs. Superman

Here’s a website that may provide some interesting tidbits of this upcoming film as well as other Batman related films: www.batman-on-film.com/ b5news.html (eliminate the space at “/ b5news.”). They just posted some interesting casting choices for Batman and Superman. Hey, Spanky this is for you!

Whoa, Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne? That’s an interesting possibility… I liked him a lot in Shaft. He’s got some incredible range for an actor. But as Batman? Hmmn. And some even bigger boots to fill for the role of Superman… that one’s going to be even trickier.
Thanks Patricia. The first round’s on me if I’m ever in the neighborhood!

I don’t know, I think Bale’s got that possibility for brooding intensity. Which would be perfect for Bruce Wayne. I’m rather suprised, though at Paul Rudd being the front runner for Clark Kent. He’s got the blue eyes, but the physique?

Oh, and Spanky - if you're ever in the neighborhood, you're definitely on. Let's just hope it's not when I'm in precontest mode!

Just in case he didn’t see this thread. :slight_smile:


Hey - just heard: Green Lantern may soon be developed into a live action film. The actor that is Number One on the list to be, I think Kyle Raynor is: Nicholas Brandon (Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Personal opinion? Good Choice.

Of coure, next week at the Comic Con, I'll get more info as to ALL the comics being considered for live action. Oh, and on The Hulk film (being filmed right now, directed by Ang Lee), there is going to be a glimpse of a "female" Hulk. However, she receives SO much radiation that she dies in moments.

Patricia ;-)

Green Lantern! One of my favorite comic book characters. 'Bout friggin time! I would have personally preferred to see Hal Jordan over Kyle (who knows, maybe he’ll make an appearance). But you’re right, Nicholas Brandon is a perfect choice for Kyle.

Another cool comic book character to put in a live action movie would be The Silver Surfer, IMHO.


Yup, Spanky I would love to see the Silver Surfer on the big screen. There is talk of one, but they’re debating “actor or CGI” for the Surfer. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Dr. Strange live action film. That’d be cool.

Batman VS. Superman?! That will be the greatest movie! If they don’t hollywood the film. Chritian bale as Batman? I’m not familiar with him (did like him in reign of fire though), but you can’t do any worse than George Clooney (overrated if you ask me). I’m looking forward to Batman year one though, and Christian Bale would fit that role good if he can give off that utter devotion to get revenge for a tragic moment in his life. Good think Frank Miller is involved with that. Thanks for the info Patricia.