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Batman: The Frightening

Its looking more and more like the new Batman movie is going to be Batman: The Frightening. It’s been a rumor for several months now, that kept getting shot down, until about a month and a half ago when a DC Editor said Frightening was the next flick, then, when Christopher Nolan was announced as director at the end of January, Warner Brothers bought both the www.batmanthefrightening.com and .net domains. There is also a Batman The Frightening script http://www.superherohype.com/forums/showthread.php?s=316050afc4d55d5e3bfc01395b618bff&threadid=44894 starring The Scarecrow that has been floating aroudn the web for the past couple days, I’ve read most of it and it kicks ass!!! At any rate, the next Batman movie looks to be on track

here’s the link to the actual script: http://www.angelfire.com/extreme3/parallax/batman.txt

actual script link: http://www.angelfire.com/extreme3/parallax/batman.txt

Yeah, good for sure. There’s even a scene with bodybuilders. Makes you wonder if the writer lifts weights, or even visits this site.

I heard that they were planning on revamping the whole ‘feel’ to the series. Any truth to that?

just finished the script! it’s awesome! if they make it, it’ll be, by far and away, the best batman flick to date!

Yea! I agree boogafish! the script is awesome! and the latest rumors seem to support that the movie will have a large resemblance to the script we read!

Hmmm. As far as I know, David Goyer (Blade II) has been asked to write a whole new script. If this version (on angelfire), has been out for a few days, it’s already dead in the water.

Goyer will be working with an of Christopher Nolan. So, all is in good hands.

Oh, and speaking of Blade III:

“Comics 2 Film reports that David Goyer’s script has been very well received with shooting to begin as early as September.”

Ahhhh, yeah.

Patricia- Re Blade III: I got to go down to while they were filming Blade II, and be an extra ( dance sequence, and passer by on the Bridge in front of Radose).
Guerillmo (the Director of Blade II) is filming
“Hell Boy” (ron Pearlman) in Prauge, and should be done in Sept, Oct. I got to read the script for Hell Boy, sounds cool; It is a ll about Paranormal stuff ,Hell Boy is made out of stone, his girlfriend Liz is a firestarter ,there is a character that is a dolphin-man that is a telepathic! He has a tail that turns in to legs out of the water while he has a respirator that sends water through his gills!
I wonder how they will do that?
Do you know if Girmo is to Direct Blade III?

If so my bet is that Blade III will be put off till Nov, if they say Hell Boy is to be done in Sept, it wont be done till end of Oct.
It looks good here is the link:


Were your scenes as an extra in Blade II in the final cut? I’ve got the DVD; let me know what part of the vampire dance club stuff you’re in. Very cool. Looked like one fun movie to be an extra in!

As for Blade III. At one time, all the Blade II folks were in: Snipes, Guilermo, and they were going to bring back Luke Goss (Nomak). NOW,
Oliver Hirschbiegel is listed as director. His last film was “The Experiment”.

Ah, Hellboy. How I love that comic book and it’s creator, Mike Mignola. Guilermo is the perfect director for this one. And they have Ron Perlman as Hellboy. Cool. Selma Blair and John Hurt are also in this one. And they’re gooooood actors.

I’m quite serious when I say that I absolutely cannot wait for this one!

Whoa! The newest news at www.batman-on-film.com and darkhorizons.com is that Goyer was hired to re-write this badass Frightening script! Man, I can’t wait to see what he does! Even if they made the script the way it is, it would be the best comic book film of all time. Now they’re improving it? Can’t wait!

booga: read up a few posts on this thread. You’ll see my post where I have already informed y’all on this AND that Goyer’s script is complete and filming is to begin in September.

Patricia- Comics to film ran that BEFORE batman-on-film and dark horizons. Move over, I give the news around here.

I must say i’m impressed with how fast boogafish gets his news

Alan Horn Speaks!
For the latest, check out: http://www.batman-on-film.com/b5news.html

It may be awhile before a decision is made as to who will be Batman.

The intent was to get a “younger” actor. Someone like a Christian Bale. Who I still think would be a good choice.

However, Nolan has just accepted a deal for another project which will put this project on hold.

NEWSFLASH: As reported by Variety, filming will begin this year. Casting has not yet been confirmed, but Jack has told Nolan that he will be signing on for the cameo scene outside of Arkham.