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Batman The Beginning

Did anyone see the 10 minute trailer after Smallville last night? Spoilers below.

I was not really impressed. I mean sure with the action and the FX that all looks good. But I liked Tim Burton & Keaton’s portrayal of the rather insane Dark Knight. This one makes him look less like the Dark Knight and more like a rational, calm, superhero who wants to make a difference. I guess it depends on which incarnation of Batman you like.

The sets and props were not very stylized. Gotham looked like it could be any major city. The Batmobile, while looking cool, did not look like a “bat” mobile, but just any powerful vehicle that anyone might drive.

On the plus side, the acting looked good. I think it will at least be better than the other movies that came after the 1st two Burton/Keaton ones.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

The only thing I would’ve liked to ahve seen is a dirtier city and, as you pointed out, a more disturbed Bruce Wayne. I liked Keaton’s emotional Batman, but he lacked the physical appearance and ability of the American Psycho.