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Batman Steroid Cycle


What do you guys think Batman would use for long term steroid usage? I was thinking a moderate Test dose with Deca or Primo and GH. Maybe some Halo if he knows a tough fight is imminent.


Batman cruises on 1G of test and 1G of tren all year round. Everyone knows that


Probably test, GH to heal faster from all the fights. EQ for collagen synthesis and increased endurance.

Halo/cheque drops before big fights.

Interesting thread idea haha i like it


I used to be pretty naive, and thought Batman was natty.

I have it on good authority(my cousin is Robin’s gay boyfriendthat Batman does like the Tren but stacks it with HGH, the best peptides, that aren’t even on the market yet. Bruce Wayne is a rich motherfucker and can afford the best. I even hear he has a direct account and he can actually get legit pharma grade Primobolan. Oh well that last one is probably false no one can get genuine Primo these days no matter how much money they have.


Bullshit! All bullshit!

Batman uses VENOM. It is neither illegal nor prohibited by the WADA.

Batman is fucking natty.

And he benches 1,000lbs in a single-ply batsuit.



Batmans defo Natty. Only Hulk is on gear, 3g of Tren. No caber, no AI. He’s pissed because he’s producing more milk than a dairy cow.