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Batman Logo Evolution


Interesting how one ONLY sees T-Shirts worn out there still
having the old logos...Get Real!

lol...there are a few other cool Batman logos not seen out there NOT on T-Shirts
that should be on T-shirts, and dammit I'm gonna protest at the next Comic Convention
demanding answers as to why Batman fans are so locked and loaded and stuck in
the 20th Century still wearing Michael Keaton's version of the logo...WTF!
The '89 version isn't terrible, but Why doesn't anybody else QUESTION these things??


The more pressing concern, in my mind, is how can we prevent people from wearing batstaches.


The horror.


....not to mention batmanscaping.


Yeah Yeah we got your point on the first pic but you overstayed your welcome with the other pics...sit the fuck down and take a deep breath.


I want the internet to take Batman, bacon, zombies and the word 'awesome' and get the fuck off my lawn.


What about an Awesome Zombie Batman?

(No bacon, sorry)




How the fuck does one get a chest that hairy?

I'm hardly smooth like a baby's ass, but that is redonkulous.


that's an awesome picture


I feel like he's trying to go for the fatguy 300 look.......plus bat chest.....bad combo.......1 star rating


I like the batman and the outsiders logo, actually the outsiders reboot in the early 00's when nightwing was the leader was a great rwad until dc fucked it all up like they do