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Batman Getting Hitched?!

Uh,… what?!


Keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer. Lol

Aking a WOMAN to marry him? I always thought he was gay.

@The_Mighty_Stu Do you watch Gotham at all?

No, I have a long List of issues that I have with it. Similar to Smallville, as a dedicated comic fan I don’t like people messing with my stories. Just the notion of a Batman themed show that happens long before Bruce ever becomes Batman is just ridiculous to me.

And believe me though, plenty of friends have played the angle that because I am such a fan I should love it, but seeing every single character besides Bruce existing in an earlier incarnation just goes against everything that I like about the comics.


Lol, fair enough, but I donno, man. It’s pretty good… Honestly, Bruce is a secondary character at best in the first couple of seasons. The acting is fantastic except for the guy that plays Gordon. He’s alright… The story is more about Gordon than Bruce/Batman through 3 seasons.

They have done some stuff that I’ve been like, wft, that’s weird…

So I guess you don’t watch Arrow, Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow either?

They’re really running out of ideas with these comics, aren’t they? Although, imagine a storyline where Catwoman cheats on Batman with Robin, and all hell breaks lose. Now that’d be some good readin’.

You mean like making penguin fall in love with the riddler, lol?

Lol, ya, that was a bit much…