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Batman Gets His Ass Kicked in Vegas



Why would you fight a stupid loser retard like that....even if you are wearing a Batman costume?


Must feel great beating a entertainer up. Batman kinda should not have pushed him.


Batman fights like Cat Woman.

Now he's dragging his sorry swollen ass home to use the litter box.


Why do we fall, Bruce?


He has shamed me!




that guy with a white shirt was an idiot. It's not an insult. just a fact


Dammit, why doesnt stuff like this happen in Mississippi?


First thing I thought:

Is that Holy Mac?


Guy must feel awesome beating some dude dressed up as Batman.


But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you.


...shaming the name of Batman.


Aww... poor Batman...he really didn't deserve that shit.

The guy in the white shirt should've just walked away. What's the point of even fighting someone with no fighting skills?


Because getting your ass kicked by someone who can actually fight sucks.


I'm willing to bet that Batman felt somewhat invincible while in costume. Kind of like some photojournalists feel behind the camera while shooting in war zones.


bad day to not pack the "Thug Away Spray" in the ole utility belt, guess he won't be doing the "Bat-tussi" dance anytime soon.


Hilarious the first thing the guy does when getting up is straighten out his mask.

You can beat down the Batman - but you'll never reveal his identity!


I think the batman guy was just a street entertainer, I don't think he was actually trying to fight the other guy, I thought he was under the impression the other guy wasn't going to be a douche. The retard in the white shirt was just trying to act macho.


I agree. The way he was moving his arms, kind of pseudo Kung Fu, didn't seem serious.