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Batman: Dead End


very cool 6-minute batman (and others, but i will not mention as to not ruin the surprise) movie. (it says 8 minutes but that includes the credits). if this were made into a full feature film… oh man, that would be so amazing.

(click the second one, the actual film, not the interview or whatever is on top).

I Have seen it before and it still left me wanting for more>

That was fuckin awesome. As comic book movies seem to be gaining more acceptance, I can easily see crossover movies on the horizon.Like a secret wars movie. The next comic book flick I’d like to see would be Ironman. If they could do it right it would be awesome.

Wait a sec… the guy who plays Batman is Clark Bartram? lol He modeled and wrote for Muscle Media at one time!

Known about that one for a while, but it is still incredible.

That was cool, Batman has actually kicked the crap out of Predators in the comics.