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Batman Arkham Asylum: Best Superhero Game Ever?


Maybe... I have to say this is one of the best superhero games I have played in a very long time.

I have played this game for a while, and there is nothing that this game doesn't lack. Graphics, gameplay, and CGI cut scenes are phenomenal. The fights are not repetitive because your always upgrading combos. The enemies are not easy to kill (I started off playing it on "HARD"), you are always constantly countering attacks if you don't want to die fast. Yes, you die fast in this game because this ain't Superman. After a few shots, you're dead, so sometimes you have to hide and be stealth.

But overall this game is "dark" and I'm fucking loving it.

Anyone play this yet?

EDIT: Here is the Gamespot review that fuzzy was talkn about http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/batmanarkhamasylum/index.html


Watched the review on it at Gamespot and I will defiantly be looking into it!


The demo was insane, Im gonna pick it up next week.


:downloads demo::

this game looks great. I have to play this game before nhl10 comes out.


Is this the one where you play as the Joker?


I think you can if you have a PS3. Xbox owners got jerked.


So on the PS3 version that's an option, or you're just the Joker? I have an xbox and would prefer to be Bats anyway, but the option would be nice. Is the game available yet?


Played it for like 5 hours today (day off, house to self), honestly amazed at how good it is. At first I thought it looked like a mish mash of various games, but when I actually started playing it, it all worked together really well. They've must have spent a long time on the combat animations, the countering seems so fluid and batman reacts with an appropriate counter from any direction. At this rate I'll have completed it in a day or two.

I give it an 8.5/10 (maybe 9) with 10 being a game somehow combining Prototype, Saints row 2, KOTOR, Portal, Zelda: OoT and Thief 2.

Edit: To answer the question, unless I'm forgetting anything amazing this is the best superhero game yet. Spiderman 2 rocked pretty hard until you stopped just swinging around and tried to do stuff. The latest wolverine game was surprisingly good but less so than batman and I like the new batman slightly more than x-men legends and freedom force.


Its an option. The game is out already.


Best superhero game I've played to date. Everything about it has been kicking ass.

A few reviewers and ignorant forum posters may say the combat is too shallow and easy and is a button-masher's dream, but no joke, if you play on hard, button mashing will get you killed 9 times out of 10. Furthermore, this is probably the most fluid combat I've seen in a game yet. The direction-appropriate counters go a long way towards making the fights feel extremely cinematic...especially during some of the boss fights.

The stealth is fun as well. It doesn't force you to play like a pussy like more stealth-heavy games do. You're Batman for fuck's sake, so you can move around quickly and quietly, and the faily smart grappling hook brings escaping to a satisfying level.

Throw in some nifty gadgets, a shit ton of collectibles that are actually fun to find, and the Kevin Conroy/Mark Hamill voice talent combo, and you've got pure sex in game form.







(Beast, I will call the cops. Do not try me)


I thought this had been put on delay even longer! SHIT! Will pickup tonight or tomorrow!

The one thing I was worried about was the sense that it would just be lots of button mashing. Good to hear it is not so!

PS- Joker is only capable of being used in the training room or whatever it is right? And only on the PS3? It is sort of shitty the 360 got shafted there, but I doubt that I would even ever care about that.


Here is a trailer to play as the joker - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwmffZ2O944

After watching this, it seems it will delivery the same game play but more with a wicked comedy twist. This looks hella fun to play as the joker! Shit, I think it might be worth buying it for PS3 after all. The 360 ver. did get the short end of the stick (DVD Vs. BluRay, obviously). FUCK!


Wow. I may have to pick this up now. I had originally thought that it was going to be a stealth-inspired game, but I may have to give it a shot.


Yea - had it since Tuesday.

It's absolutely fantastic!


is it short though? Someone said they played 5 hours already, and figured they would be done in another 2 days.


Some people rush through games, I usually take at least twice as long as most people report.

Either way, I'm psyched to give this a shot.


Then that's not short. Some of us have jobs. Guys who can sit there for five hours during a work week clearly do not. You can beat almost any game in a few days if that is ALL you do all day.

If it takes those types more than two days to beat it, then it can't be that short or easy. Either that or their power got shut off in their mom's basement.


Hahhaha. That used to be me! But very true. I just know if I buy it tonight I will put some pretty decent time into it over the course of the weekend.

Did you pick it up X? I feel like it would be right up your alley based on your list of games.


From what I read here, it will be picked up the next time I hit Wal-Mart or Target.