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Batista's Training Program



I know that when someone talks about the wrestler of WWE,they'll say these guys on drug to get so damn big. but i still believe they need to go to gym to train their body, right? and i think Dave Batista's body looks good(no matter he's actually strong or not). anyone have his training program can tell me what he do inside the gym??


He was in Flex a few months ago but I don't remember what his training routine was.

I like Batista but the guy needs to seriously lay off the 'roids. He's now torn his triceps 3 times in addition to the torn lat he suffered a couple of months ago.


Batista actually lifted at the gym I was at in PSU the day of their last RAW show in State College, around 8 months ago. I talked to him a bit, and his routine is quite different from what was printed in FLEX, surprise surprise...


care to elaborate?


can you post the his routine in FLEX and the one you know from him?
that would be great


I don't remember the routine from FLEX exactly, being that you wouldn't catch me dead buying an issue of FLEX, I just glanced over it at the newsstand.

However, from what I remember there was quite a bit of machine work, with some very high reps.

From what Batista told me, and from what I saw him do, he does quite a bit more free weights with much lower reps than what FLEX published.

This is in no way indicative of what his "program" is, but what I saw him do at the gym in State College was:

Barbell flat bench
Dumbbell shoulder press
Dumbbell lateral raise
Wide Grip Pulldown
Close-grip bench press
Cable Crossover
Alternating dumbbell bicep curls

These were all done in the 8-12 rep range for 2-3 sets each. Keep in mind that he had a show to perform that very night, so he didn't train any legs, and I have no idea how his training changes when he has a bit more recovery time before his next contest.

All I know is that he told me he pretty much sticks to the basic movements with free weights most of the time due to the limited time he actually has to weight train, which seems opposite of what FLEX published, for him and for all bodybuilders, it seems.


From what you saw , would you say he was strong? Was he the only WWE wrestler you saw training? If you saw others , would you happend to remember what they were doing and if they were strong.


No, you are wrong. They do not actually train at all.


Sorry, couldn't resist.


From what I saw, yes he did seem quite strong, but didn't seem to be going near failure, so it was tough to judge what his actual strength is. The only specific weight I remember was 275 for 12 reps on bench press, not going to failure, so take that for what it's worth.

There were 2 other wrestlers there as well, Chris Benoit and Tyson Tomko. Benoit was using the most weight out of the 3 of them, but his T-Rex arms probably help with that.


I went to RAW a few weeks ago.

They look more impressive on TV than they do in real life. It is not that they don't look decent but when you see them in real life it is easier to compare them to other jacked guys you know.


I saw a WWE a few years ago. What I noticed was that the wrestlers with more of a muscular build looked smaller in real life ( ex .Shamrock and Austin).
However the thinker guys ; such as Mark Henry and THE ROAD WARRIORS , looked much thinker in real life.
When I saw Mark Henry , I couldnt beleive just how big his legs are.Words just couldnt do it.While Henry was on stage , it was hard not to over hear as everyone in the audience seems to be commenting on his legs


Well, he did squat 1000+.....


I know what you mean. Viscera wrestled in a drak match. That man was huge!

Cena and Masters had the best physiques but they were no bigger or better than the a number of guys in my old gym.

No disrespect to the WWE guys intended. They are still studs but don't look superhuman in real life.


actually i like Batista's body shape, proportion, not just the size he has.


saw cena, masters and mark henry in person last night.

RIDICULOUS. these guys look bad ass in person. mark henry is freaking ENORMOUS. he impresses the hell out of me by his build. its not just that he is huge, the big show is huge, but this guy is a monster.

it was my first wwe event, not saying it was my last. i was entertained. and nobody complains about free box seats.


I remember reading Benoits routine somewhere, cant remember much but there was a lot of dumbbells for 6-8 reps. I know he does bodyweight only/hindu squats too.


Have to Disagree with u bud.I was at a house show in Australia when they came down late last year and Chris masters was a freak. 6 feet 4 with massive shoulders and traps then a tiny little waist with massive legs.He looked like a superhero.Cena used to be a lot bigger ,30 pounds heavier actually.

Mark henry is just FAT he looks pretty big on TV but the man is a just fat who is extremely strong as has an amazing vertical leap.




Forgot to mention about Batista.

this guy used to be a whisker over 400 pounds and use to be a bouncer.Very bad man from the stories ive heard.But he was just more like a massive powerlifter.He has trimmed down to about 275 pounds for his in ring work.

Take care



What routine, these guys dont have a routine. They just drop and bust out a few push ups every now and then. Its pretty obvious they only do bodyweight exercises so they can be functional.

On a serious note, i dont think there is a better group of athletes to show that big people aren't just lumbering oafs without agility because they use weights. I also use the term athlete loosely seeing as how its not a sport but a soap opera....but these guys are wicked strong and fast.