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Batista Moving to MMA?


...Maybe I can start this rumor :-p


i'd watch him fight Brock


wow not bad..lol
he seemed to have pretty good control/feel with the knife movements..


Nice rumor, I would believe it! If Batista moves to MMA who else from the WWE will move??

John Cena!?!!!??!!


"They" say he's training for fight scenes in a movie, but I think we all know it's just a cover for his transition to MMA. After all, he is a tough guy and a professional wrestler, which is better than college or Olympic wrestling, I mean they're professionals, they get paid. That means he's better than like Brock Lesnar, Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez because they were just amateur wrestlers with no tough guy experience before entering MMA. On top of that, Batista combined with a few decent wins by Brandon Vera could help Dana penetrate the Filipino MMA market, which everybody knows he has been trying to do forever. It all makes sense and I think the rumor can safely be laid to rest and disseminated as fact.


Hahah, nice :slightly_smiling:

He has good hand-eye coordination, but he's forty. He'll have a very hard time if he makes the transition to MMA, even with the lack of heavyweight talent in the smaller shows.