Bathroom Scales with BF-Measurer


I know that they do not give precise measurements but could one use them to monitor progress in BF%?


If the numbers are consistently going down, then I’d say it’s just another method of tracking progress.

I bought a newer scale that has an ‘athlete’ setting. While I’m not sure it’s accurate, it does come pretty close to what my 7-site caliper measurement shows.

However, the reading on the scale still wildly fluctuates from day to day or even from hour to hour. The scale recommends that your feet should be slightly damp when using the scale, but if they aren’t, you’ll get a higher reading.

When you have such a scale you will notice that the fluctuations actually make sense.

When carbs and water are in your muscles you have a higher lbm than when they are depleted.

So the fluctuations are not as random as most people think and are proof for those scales accuracies and not inaccuracies.

If you have most fat stored as visceral fat such devices are the only reliable instrument anyway that you can use at home.

Well, that and measuring your waist.

You´d need and upper body thing though and not a scale.

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My etekcity bathroom scales can do precise measurements.

My experience with them is very negative. They seem to be all over the road. However, when I purchased a hand held Omron body fat meter my problems were solved. They are not perfect but very close.