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Bathroom Problems


Short version: Sometimes I can't shit properly, though I eat about 10 servings of vegetables per day. Help?

Expanded version: I started a cutting diet about a week ago and I'm having some trouble shitting. It's not always bad, only occasionally. I eat a lot of vegetables, though. I have basically the same thing every day:

Breakfast (~8:00 AM):
3 eggs, scrambled
Black coffee

Lunch (~12:00PM):
Large salad
Lettuce, peppers, onions, cucumber
8 oz. chicken breast
1 scoop casein protein in water

Snack (~4:00PM)
4 oz. sliced turkey (cold cuts)
Handful of mixed nuts

Dinner (~7:00PM)
Large salad
Lettuce, peppers, onions, cucumber
8 oz. chicken breast
1/2 cup cottage cheese (4%)

Other than that, I eat a FiniBar during my workout and drink 2 scoops of whey afterwards (in water).

If anyone has suggestions, that would be great. Keep in mind I'm a broke-ass college student, so my choices are rather limited. I would estimate that I get about 10 servings of vegetables each day. If it makes any difference, I'm doing the Madcow 5x5 setup for my workouts. Following it exactly. Thanks.


increase water?


let us put it in your pooper?


Eat more celery. It'll really increase the size of your loads.


drink plenty of magnesium sulfate.

actually don't. you'll poo water. unless you're into that sort of thing.


I got off a diet a bit ago and had some problems as well. Adding fiber will help, but at some point there isn't a whole lot of food in you to poop out.

Psyllium husk or plain old metamucil is the cheapest and you can get it at walmart. Try a dose before bed at first, then add more spaced out through the day until things start moving again.

There are chewable fiber tablets too that are convenient, http://www.fiberchoice.com/Products_tablets.aspx , but they are a bit expensive for what you are getting.


My bad. I thought we were going to have a deep, intellectual conversaion about pipe dope and ball cocks.


Benefiber or Metamucil in 16 oz of water. It's flavored and you could use the extra water. And you'll thank me later.




Get some more fiber, and I would stop eating the handful of nuts for a few days. It may sound crazy to some but I know plenty of people who get blocked up almost immediately from a very small amount of nuts. You might be one of them.


I've found that I go to the potty less often when I cut my food...I guess fro obvious reasons, but I also have my own unproven theory that your body "knows" you're eating less so you poop less.

Maybe hav a big big BIG meal and you'll soon empty out!


This is normal dude, veggie fiber doesn't digest well. If you're super worried about pooping add some oatmeal, and or nuts seeds. Or just drink some Metamucel.


You can add peppers (capsicum) to that list.

Papaya and Pineapple contain enzymes good at break food down. Papaya is good for breaking down protein. Papain and Bromelain are the two enymes respectively.

I use Betain HCl. Probiotics has been recommended also but I don't use this. I also take between 20 to 30g of fiber a day in the form of a drink similar to Metamucil. It contains psyullum husk as well.


Good link. Was this what they used for the V-diet or Berardi's Precision Nutrition? I can't remember but I've seen this product before on this site.

I also wonder if upping products like Superfoods makes a difference? Or maybe the product doesnt work that way.


If you don't want to tote around Metamucil and/or Psyllium husk or answer the questions that those will cause, check out Fibercon. It comes in a pill form, so it is easier to take on the go.






Fiber, duh, fiber.

Fiber... . . . . . . Fiber




And it doesn't even have to be a fancy "psylium husk" or whatever the fuck other crazy fibers there are. Buy a cheap piece of shit fiber supplement from a local Walgreens or something, that's all you need.


Meat stick enema?


Increase water, make sure vitamins are in checks, and fiber.

If everything is right, you shouldnt have problems unless there is some preexisting issue.