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Bastille Day


The July 14, 1789 storming of the Bastille - the French fortress where political prisoners were held during the reign of King Louis XVI - was the flashpoint of the French Revolution and one of the most glorious moments in all of human history. It's a day that's not remembered as it should be - the French citizens following in our footsteps, and abolishing their monarchy forever.


Happy Bastille Day.


revolution due to inhuman treatment of the proletariat?

been done througout history, with multiple countries and peoples.

the only really good thing to come out of the revolution is french pastries.

they are purdy damn good.


Yea but they always ended up in another kind of monarchy. While the French did go through the Napoleonic era, which was both good and bad for them, it shook every monarchy in Europe to the core, and between our success and the French philosophies about equality and egalitarianism, it really was the death knell for old Europe.


however true this is, it was the people who chose to have the monarchy and chose to be lorded over. Even in the US, tell me that the presidency is as it was once conceived, and not a new form of Kingship PUT IN PLACE by the people in order that we can be Lorded over.

not to say that the revolution in france didn't usher in a new age, but the influences in the British non-hanoveran movement did more to help overturn the French government than the excesses in thier monarchy ever did.
with the influences in existentialism coming out of the aftermath of the Inquisition, there would have never been a french revolution. the ideals of equality and egalitarianism for the proleteriate came out of that new way of thinking.
And....that existentialism thought came from Spain and into France, culminating in the revolution.


Didn't it descend into Jacobian tyrrany tho? Been a while since I've done any reading on it whatsoever, but I thought I remembered it being likened to a terrorist/early totalitarian state not too long after the revolution


absolutely......and the people were convinced that they scored a victory and were satiated, but in effect they just overthrew one tyrant for another.

people DESIRE to be lorded over. True freedom is not embraced, nor willed into being.


It did. It got awful and also provided a model for what NOT to do after a revolution.

But the initial blossoming moments, such as the storming of the Bastille, were as beautiful as the pulling down of the statues of King George or the crowds in Cairo last Spring.

That is the celebration.


Take your libertarian ass to the politics forum please. Someone probably cares about this shit there.


sorry man.

yeah Bastille day.


And let's not forget that the remnants of "liberte, egalite, fraternite" has also lead France to an almost irrational level of nationalism, which contradictory to any democractic ideals, has expungded immigrants that have entered their country illegally (despite France's rampant imperialism into their countries in the past) and banned any outward displays of individual religious belief...

The French Revolution is fascinating though! And Paris does have lovely monuments.


No, the proper response to that drivel would be, "yes, lord".


No doubt. They are very contradictory, in the same way that we were/are - for all the grand ideals, we still have and have had a lot of issues, especially with having the tendency to take what we want even though we have our own belief system that we push onto others.

I have to study more about the French Revolution. My education on the subject is the first 30 pages of Les Miserables and a whole lot of Rousseau, along with the assorted history book here and there.

I do wish to study it much more in depth.


You started this shit here.


Yes, but the Ron Paulers and psycho anarchists like yourself ruin everything. Ruin things in the politics forum.

This is just a reminder about a day some might not know about, not a forum for expounding upon your fucked up semi-literate economic theories on how we're all really slaves.



Ah, this is the thread where you celebrate how millions of people can be fooled into an even worse terror regime and ensuing wars that kill millions with cheap slogans?

In that case, carry on Sir, and may the power of willful ignorance stay strong within you.


happy bastille day! from rush


You would know something about that, wouldn't you Franz?

Now, back to the dungeon of PWI with you.


Damn this Bastille Day shit is serious.


Serious as a heart attack. I spend my nights awake thinking about this shit.


Ah yes, what a surprise that someone would celebrate killing a Christian King and being rebellious.