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Bastardized Velocity Diet - An Experiment

Hey Everyone,

First and foremost- I originally posted this in the Biotest Velocity Diet forum and they didn’t let me cause I didn’t use Biotest Supps.

Regardless, will be using this log for myself, simply to keep
track of everything during this little experiement and to keep a place for
updates beside my own workout logbook.

A little background about me: 4 sport athlete, Collegiate/Minor League
Baseball Player, turned powerlifter/strongman. Became a S&C/Performance
Coach myself (NASM CPT, NASM CE, Pn1, FRC, NSCS CSCS, etc).

I don’t feel like I truly need to lose much weight (although that doesn’t
mean I don’t have some excess fat I COULD lose); however, I agreed to
support my wife cause she wanted to do some dumb “lose weight, win money”
diet bet crap. Either way the competetive side of me is obvisouly wanting
to win this and win some money so I have decided to do the V-Diet. I have
been putting on weight and strength this past year now that I have my own
home gym vs. working out in a park (F*cking Covid). I have read and heard
about the V-diet in many of the old Bodybuilding “cult” forums and am
going to give this a try and see how it goes.

With that in mind, I will not be following the exact “V-Diet.” READERS GASP
I also will be doing my own modified workouts as well. READERS DOUBLE GASP

I know, I know…Chris would be disappointed but I have my own supps, and I
am a propent of eating real food vs purely supps. I have done the math in
regards to the MACROS for an avg day of eating using Biotest Supps vs my
own (Which I will list below) and made it as close as possible. It is
literally the same calories, with some slightly different MACRO counts-
but honestly, I don’t think consuming an extra 5g of carbs/day will
somehow screw the whole diet up. That’d just be dumb.

I also want to remind anyone reading along with me, that my choice to not
follow not the supps/workout routine is because for me this is an
EXPERIMENT. It is my 28 days so if you’re going to bash what I want to do
and cry, “Well that’s not the diet”- you can F*ck right off. I know it
isn’t the exact plan laid out. That’s why it is an EXPERIMENT, and I am
choosing to log it so anyone who attempts to try this “Modified Protein
Sparing Fast” with other supps/workouts will have a clue about what may
happen. (Last time I checked the OG diet was basically an experiment Chris
ran himself)

Lastly, I am currently doing my version of the diet as we speak, for the past week but this past memorial day weekend I had a little getaway where I drank/didn’t eat the most healthy way. So although I started it Monday, May 24, 2021 (And do look a little less bloated with about 5lbs
lost!), I will “Officially” Start on today Thursday June 3, 2021 and go through
Wednesday June 30 (That is the diet bet weigh-in day).

My Offical Starting Weights and Dimensions (Taken using an Evolt Body
Scanner) as of Thursday May 27, 2021

Height and Weight: 6’1 236.8lbs
LBM: 195.8lbs
Body Fat Mass: 41lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 17.3%

I will be taking pictures after my getaway and will keep them for myself
until the challenge is done

My Daily Meal Plan/Supps Results may vary

Upon Waking (4am most days): Nutrakey Yohimbine HCL x9mg
Breakfast (6-7am): Orgain Organic Protein + Superfoods x1serving, and
Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein x1serving
Mid-Morning (10am): Optimum Nutrition x2 servings
Pre-Workout (Normally start my workout between 12-2pm): Nutrakey Yohimbine
HCL x12mg and a 5hr Energy
Post Workout: Optimum Nutrition x2 servings, Fish Oil x2
Dinner (7-8pm): Various types of meat, 1/2 cup of rice, spinach, beans,
peppers, etc. cooked in kerrygold butter or olive oil. A very “Vertical
Diet” sort of meal.
Additionally, if I worked out I have created my own
“Plazma” shake I will actually drink with dinner to makeup for lost
calories. (Can’t really take Yohimbine and Food at the same time- pretty
counter productive). Also 2 more fish oil pills
Pre-Bed (9pm): Optimum Nutrition x1, Fish Oil x3

I also drink 1-1.5 gallons of water/day and take Vitamin D3, Magnesium,
Multivitamin daily

Lastly, for anyone curious about my blended homemade Plazma drink here it is
-OJ x12oz
-Cranberry Juice x8oz (NOT COCKTAIL)
-Spinach x1-1.5 cups
-Optimum Nutrition x1 serving

Obviously on non-workout days I would not consume my “Plazma” drink which
saves alot of calories!

Planned Training Routine

Jailhouse Density Training (Modified) x3/week
Rucking x1-2/week plus abs and stretching (counted as active rest not a
workout day)
Golf x1-2/week (I am gearing up for a few upcoming Long Drive events, also
not counted as a workout day)

Well, I will be checking back in on this in a week for two. See ya then!


I always support independent, open minded and honest experiments, especially if logged in a precise manner, so I will be checking you.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Update Post:

Results since I last posted on June 3rd

  • Weighed in yesterday after waking up at 238lbs. Now I know this seems like I weighed more, and I sort of had a mini freakout because I was like–HOW?! Especially considering I have been looking much more lean very quickly. Then I remembered when I took my evolt test I took it at 2:32pm after I worked and even hit balls at the range. I did it when I was “empty”. This lead me to weigh myself after playing 18 holes yesterday when I was “empty” again and I weighed in at 231lbs. This is a 7lb weight loss in 12 days.

  • This will also lead me to measure myself again next Saturday upon Waking up, and after doing a little fasted cardio. I will continue to monitor these differences as the weeks go on

Diet Update

So far it has not been that difficult. I will outline some variations and observations below

  1. My father-in-law was in town on a one day work visit so we went out to dinner. I only ate half of what I ordered and did not drink
  2. Based around my work schedule and making sure I am empty for my yohimbine I sometimes push off my afternoon “Lunch” shake until I am done working out
  3. I don’t always feel like I need a before bed shake, so I sometimes don’t
  4. When the hunger hits…it hit HARD AF. That and wanting to snack whenever I smell food is a real problem
  5. I have not been drinking my “Plazma” shake unless I am feeling really drained. I don’t need it during my workouts so I’ve skipped it most days. I sometimes have 4oz of Cranberry Juice at dinner to continue to promote my thyroid function and good hormone balances
  6. My dinners may be a little too large. Although I am experiencing weight loss, I typcially have the following. -lean protein, 1/2 cup rice, spinach, one serving of fruit, and 15-30g of almonds. I may dial back even more depedning on my weight loss this week.
  7. Lastly, last night I binged. I occasionally partake in smoking and last night I gave myself a little pass to sort of “Binge” by eating more calories. The thing I priomised myself was this- eat as much of anything you want as long as it is clean food. So last night I had 12oz steak, 1 cup blueberries, 1 orange, 3 tblsp natural peanutbutter, and 1 whole cup of rice as well as an addititional protein shake. I weighed in this morning at 237lbs still though.

Training Routine

Everything is going well with this routine. I am coming up to a “deload” week this week however, I don’t think I will be taking off for 2 reasons

  1. The comp ends this month
  2. Since I am not pushing close to my 1rm my nervous system doesn’t feel taxed. My body can feel tired after workouts but I myself don’t feel in bad shape!

This is all I have for now. If anyone reading has any input feel free to share. Thanks!


Update Number 2:


  • Strength does not feel like it is going down. Maybe on some days I feel a little more drained then others, but that is life. Also it doesn’t help I live in AZ and workout in my garage where its been 115+ for the past 10 days.

  • I weighed myself this past Saturday upon waking and after some activity again. Upon waking I weighed 233lbs (Down 5lbs since my last waking weight). I then proceeded to have coffee, 8oz water, and went to the driving range for 2hrs. When I came back at 9am I weigherd myself again abnd I weighed in at 226lbs. (This is a loss of 5lbs upon being empty as well!)

  • So if I was to look at my weight loss it goes like this. Weighing in on Thursday May 27th I would estimate my waking weight to be around 242lbs, with my “empty” weight being 237lbs. So depending on how you spin it- ** Since beginning the diet officianlly on June 3rd (17 days), I have lost 9 - 11lbs **

Diet Update

Overview: The diet this week was both harder and a little faulty on my end…

  1. The hunger was definitely worse this week but I did stick it out most days.
  2. I have quit cooking my 1 HSM/day with oil and have switched to cooking sprays
  3. I have added in Optimum Nutiriton Amino Energy as well as my 5hr energy for my “pre-workout” and have been loving it
  4. My last shake of the day has been hit or miss. If I am really hungry/had a longer day I will take it. I am still not utilizing my own “Plazma” creation as I feel like I don’t need it
  5. This past weekend I overindulged :frowning: I was coerced into going to a pool party where I had drinks (Not even close to what I would normally have) and then yesterday, Sunday June 20, I went to a co-workers “Birthday” brunch at a bar where I had both Mimosas and a meal. However, I did not eat anything else besides 2 shakes that after that. --I am a little disappointed with myself not withholding from drinking in both cases but I will NOT be drinking again until the 4th of July.
  6. Although I don’t normally rely so heavily on Supplements, I will be increasing my yohimbine intake to 24mg/day. Going to see how that affects the weight loss this week

Training Routine

Still really enjoying my trianing. Although it isn’t the formal " Velocity Diet" Workout Plan I am doing Jailhouse Strong Density Training and it is both fun and hard

  • This week I got all my workouts in plus golfed
  • I tried rucking on Friday last week with my 50lbs bag in 120 degree heat. Got 2.5 miles in at a 15:40min/mile pace and was literally shaking when I got home. Completely drained. Barely got my ab work in- DEFINITELY going to keep that in my workout routine.

Only 10 more days to go, and 6 more lbs to lose. Let’s see what happens!