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Basmati vs Brown


I've read basmati is low GI, similar to brown, but are there other apsects of brown rice that make it superior or is Basmati ok?


they are both fine, GI won't make a huge difference when you are taking it with a balanced meal.

I personally have white jasmine rice on my workout days, and brown rice on off days (mainly just for a change).


I don't consider the brown component of rice to be an asset. Nor do I consider the skins of potato to be. They both contain irritants to prevent animals from eating them, and psyllium fiber in grains in my opinion is an anti-nutrient that harms intestinal bacteria and the gut lining.

If you want fiber, pectin, cellulose and resistant potato starch are the best for gut health and flora. Psyllium rips up intestinal cells. That is a fact. Some nutritionists think it is a good thing to occasionally rip up intestinal cells, but no one denies that psyllium does so.


Basmati all the way, brown rice is garbage...well to me it is.