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Basketball's Weight Training Method

Hi guys,

I am a basketball player, I am look for some basketball specfic training. My goal is to get faster and a higher vertical leap, Anyone has any recommendations?


in the gym

  • olympic lifts
  • heavy squats
  • lunges
  • good mornings
  • glute ham raises
  • dedlift variations
  • upper body push/pull

on the track

  • depth jumps/box jumps
  • sprints

Sample Workout 1

  • hang power clean
  • squat
  • good morning
  • push press
  • chin up

Sample Workout 2

  • high pull
  • snatch grip deadlift
  • lunge
  • bench press
  • row


Most ballers I see are pathetically weak, and then instead of fixing it in the weightroom, they do 25 sets of calf raises. WTF?

Whatever you do, focus on getting stronger.

[quote]undeadlift wrote:

He really should have a program with more lower body work, especially explosive lower body work like jump squats, cleans, snatches…

[quote]anoddparadigm wrote:
undeadlift wrote:

He really should have a program with more lower body work, especially explosive lower body work like jump squats, cleans, snatches…[/quote]

Actually, he probably does not need a program with more lower body work. Basketball players are notorious for playing a lot of…gasp…basketball! So couple a strength session with a few days a week of ballin, and he should be fine. If he is a far way out from his season, then perhaps following WS4SB 3 with a DE day would be fine, but with all the jumping and running that basketball players typically do by playing their sport, more lower body work is not needed, 1 ME day is enough.

thanks guys:) i got my squat to 1.5 times bodyweight and my leap increase almost 6 inches :slight_smile:

Great progress - keep going.

You will never be TOO strong.

How much your squat incresed (in pounds)?

Before I tore my f#^%$& meniscus, I was a good leaper (humble opinion). Things that helped me:
-get my full squat up
-get my snatch deadlift up
-jump squats helped me a lot

Things I should’ve done:
-practicing my one legged jump (which sucked)
-depth jumps
-one legged lifts

Keep it simple is all the advice I can give you.

yeah I agree with all the explosive lifting. There is a difference between power and strength:

Strength the is absolute force that you can produce. In other words, how much can you lift. Power adds a component of speed to the equation. That would be, how quickly can you produce force over a certain distance.

There are certain lifts that are purely for power development. These lift would be the Olympic lifts like the clean and the snatch lift also, plyometrics are for power development because they are done with and explosive effort.

Also I would buy a weighted vest and just keep it on until game time, using it all through your training and if possible.

left that out single leg shit is def important

my back squat increased from 135 lbs to 264 lbs. Power clean up from 66 lbs to 176lbs. My bodyweight is 152.0lbs. But i stopped play basketball for quite from time. got bored.

Definitely, pursuring a higher leap did increased my weights lift.