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hey guys i have a problem with basketball. my coach says i have alot of talent but i fail to display it in games. he sees glimps of it in practice but he got real mad at me and took me out the game and didnt play me anymore cuz he expects more out of me.

what should i do to improve upon this and not just be a practice player.

Do you start?
How many minutes a game do you play?

Play better. Not really much else to it. I’m an athlete in college (and a pretty good one) and I’ve had problems with coaches before. Every time I would talk to my parents (who are both coaches) about how the “coach doesn’t like me” or something like that, their response was that just meant I had to work that much harder and that much better.

Just completely outwork and be better than the other guy competing for your spot and your coach will have no choice but to keep you in, even if he hates your guts (if that indeed is the case) he will want to put the best team out there so you just have to make yourself part of that.

thanks guys…

and ya i do start and play about 22-24 minutes in a 32 minute high school game

Doesnt sound like an issue of hard work to me…sounds like you choke during the actual game…figure out what makes you comfortable in practice but uncomfortable in games. Is it the other players? fans? pressure? are you easily intimidated? Try to picture someone like Kobe or another big time pressure guy like Derek Jeter in your head and try to emulate their demeanor.

Sounds corny but it works. quick tidbit: I had some legal trouble a couple of years back (DUI etc etc) and one thing my lawyer told me was to not react to ANYTHING that was said because the jury would be watching me…who did I picture in my head to keep me even keeled? Joe Torre(yes I am a yankee fan incase you are wondering) The bailiff at one point asked my friends who were there to testify on my behalf how old I was becasue he couldn’t get a read on any of my emotions. long story short, not guilty.

It’s mental bro…get tough in the head and your abilities will take over.