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My little brother has convinced me to play in a basketball league with him. Most of guys in the league are between 18 & 22. I have more than 10 years on these guys and haven’t played competitive basketball in a couple of years. Any advice on how I can get in game shape fast? I was hoping to somehow incorporate playing ball into my workouts and hopefully drop my bf%. I have to admit that I can find just about any excuse to avoid cardio, so I’m in for quite a shock. Additionally, if any one has any suggestions for a supplement stack that might give me an edge it would be appreciated.

To control bf watch diet and…play in that league!!! Seriously, i’ve been cuttingout cardio lately and just playing basketball for 45 mins or so in place of it, and i think i’ve seen decidedly better changes in body comp since.

In addition to playing ball as much as you can, you should also include some rope work, GPP and sprint intervals. 3-6 rounds of rope work described in Coach Davies’ articles, followed by 8 min of bodyweight GPP and then some liners or similar sprint intervals (make sure to run forward, backward and do defensive shuttles). Do this for about 30-45 min twice a week and play twice a week and you’ll be ready to play immediately. It is very hard work, so just push through it, but you’ll rip fat off your body in no time, while significantly boosting your anaerobic and aerobic capacity.